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Why 19 Days?

Scientific reasons behind 19 days and 19 months in the Baha'i calendar.

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"As Baha'is we have become accustomed to thinking of our years as nineteen months of nineteen days and working within that pattern of social life. We are not yet used to thinking of these nineteen year cycles. But this nineteen year cycle is a magical period of time and it's been known since the time of the Babylonians actually, and the Greeks had a name for it. Every nineteen years the solar and lunar cycles align so as one might expect from the divinely revealed calendar the earth, moon and sun and the stars are in a rare almost perfect alignment on the day it began. Because the equinox and new moon both happened on that day so because the Vhid is 19 years we see the same nearly perfect alignment at the start of each new cycle in a way that is beautiful and perfect and elegant."
— Kelly Snook (Former NASA Researcher)

Source: The Badi Calendar

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Thanks Arcane. Did not know that!
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Originally Posted by Ali12134 View Post
Hi I was wondering if there is a scientific reason that the Baha'i month is composed of 19 days. We know for example that the lunar month is 30 days and that is because it takes 30 days for moon to rotate the earth. I know 19 has a spiritual significance in the Baha'i teachings but I'm wondering if there is any additional reasons (spiritual or physical) the Baha'i month is 19 days. I have a feeling that as science advances it becomes clear how a month can have 19 days scientifically/astronomically
Because 19 months of 19 days is mathematically cool if you have OCD.
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Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
Because 19 months of 19 days is mathematically cool if you have OCD.
You're my kinda guy lol

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