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Bahá'í Approach - It works!

I will tell you a little story. I'll veil the details. But the essence is this: it is about positive feedback and the Bahá'í view of man and about prayerfulness.

For many years, I have tried the Virtues approach to my children. It is based on the belief that the very essence of man is a little seed, that needs to grow and that needs to be watered.

Therefore, I've used the Virtues approach, that is based on a set of essential human virtues. You try to formulate your speaking partner's virtues and stress them, instead of looking at the shortcomings. Thus, I've stressed such virtues as truthfulness, love, generosity etc in my children, telling them where their strong points are. It seems to work. My eldest daughter strongly identifies herself with truthseeking. My youngest strongly identifies herself with love. If you knew the circumstances under which I've lived with their mother for eight years, you'd be amazed.

Now, for some time, I've been in close contact with a very old person. That person has a strong spiritual side, but I'd say that many years of living alone have strengthened various habits to the extent that they can be quite difficult to deal with. Basically I do the same as with my children. And it works! That innermost seed seems to work irrespective of age. You give positive feedback, add a little prayer now and then - nothing excessive, just once a week or so. The results are amazing!!!

But I also use language that this person never has heard before - the language that goes to the soul. To speak in psychological terms, all those things that are mentioned in the psychology books are problems that, in my opinion, tend to diminish and melt away once that soul seed starts to grow.


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Wonderful story gnat! Thanks.
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very beautiful method. thank you
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All living things need tender loving care in order to flourish

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