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How do I keep the count of the 95 repetitions of the most Holy Name?

Dear friends

If I ease my mind to concentrate on the name Allah'u'Abhá, how should I keep in mind the count at the same time?

Buddhist and Catholics use a rosary, so that they can touch the beads as they proceed with the repetitions. Is there something like that for Bahai's?

Also, can someone help me with the symbolic meaning of the number 95?

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There are similar "rosaries" made by Baha'is for the purpose of meditation in this way.

The best design I have seen was one large central bead, with a strand of five beads on one end of the central bead, and a strand of 19 on the other strand. The idea being you have one hand for the 5, one for the 19, and then you go down the nineteen, and every time you complete the nineteen you move over one on the five side and start over at the central bead to start the 19 again, since 19 * 5 = 95.

The symbolism of the 95, as I understand, is in the fact that it is derivative from 19 (as shown above in the example rosary).

19 has various symbollism:

The Bab declared that he and his 18 followers made up the "19 Letters of the Living" (similar to Jesus' apostles).

Shoghi Effendi named 19 people as Baha'u'llah's Apostles.

The Bab was 19 years old when he declared his station.

Baha'u'llah declared his station in turn 19 years after the Bab.

The word "God" appears 2698 times in the Quran, which is a multiple of 19, 19 * 142.

Additionally, if every time the word "God" appears in the Quran, you add the verse number of where that word appears, you get 118123, which is another multiple of 19, 19 * 6217.

There are 114 Surahs in the Quran, which is another multiple, 19 x 6.

Every Surah (except nine, curiously enough) opens with the phrase "In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful", which in Arabic has 19 letters.

19 is also symbolic of "the beginning and the end". In the number system we currently use, as well as the one used by the Arabs and Persians, the first numeral is 1, the last is 9. 1 and 9 together, then, 19, can be symbolic of the phrase the "Alpha and the Omega", only with numbers instead of the Greek alphabet.

In Arabic numerology, characters are assigned numbers. The word for Unity, Vahid, is equal to 19 in this system, calculated by adding up the values of each character (on a related note, "Baha" in Arabic numerology equals 9, which is where the number 9 and the 9 pointed star come in).
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You can use ANYTHING to keep the count, I would say. You can make rosaries for yourself; it is very easy and fun. You can also put 95 little pebbles or anything in a bowl or box and with each Allaho Abha, pick one of them out.
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Greetings Camachoe,

Fingers and thumb. There is however a technique to this providing you have a normal set of hands with four full fingers and a full thumb. Fully open up your non-dominant hand. Then, with your thumb and forefinger on your dominant hand, simply hold the small finger at the base and then count the bones from bottom to the top gentle squeezing as you go. This will be three. Then bend the finger to make four. Repeat with the next fingers on order to make eight, twelve and then sixteen. Now count the two bones in the thumb to eighteen and then bend it to make nineteen. Do this five times in total and it will be ninety-five.

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Originally Posted by camachoe View Post
Dear friends

If I ease my mind to concentrate on the name Allah'u'Abhá, how should I keep in mind the count at the same time?
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Tony Bristow-Stagg
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I have used the ten fingers using blocks of 9 Repetitions of Allah'u'abha, 3 breathing in, 2 x 3 (6) breathing out = 1 Finger.

When I finish the Tenth finger there is 5 left :-)

Regards Tony
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I use a variation of Earth's method. Count the joints plus fingertips on one hand equals 19, do that 5 times. Go in one direction then reverse, again, then reverse, and forward makes 5.
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Originally Posted by camachoe View Post

If I ease my mind to concentrate on the name Allah'u'Abhá, how should I keep in mind the count at the same time?

Yes, Rosaries are easy to use. There are basically two styles - one with 95 beads and a "tail", the other with 19 beads and a "tail" of 5 beads. 19x5=95. You can make your own, but be aware that if the beads on the string of 95 are too big, it can become quite cumbersome.

But, you carry with you at all times a natural-made counter to 95. Your hands. If you count the tip of each finger on one hand, and the joints of each finger on that same hand (including where the fingers join to the hand), it comes to 19. The other hand has 5 fingers (ok, 4 fingers and a thumb). 19X5=95.

The best is that this counter to 95 is always with you, it is extremely difficult to misplace, even if you lose one hand you can still "do the count", and you don't have to go anywhere even by one step to have them, literally, on hand. Especially if your beads are at home, and you are a few hundred miles away

There are also apps for the phone which you can tap and they will tell you when you reach 95

And with a little practice, whether using beads, the hands or a phone app, their use becomes "natural".

Me, I'm kinda attached to my hands.

With most warm greetings


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