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What the "fear of God" means to you?

One morning, back in 1995, I woke up with the sudden insight that I had stopped fearing God. It all lasted perhaps two minutes, it happened all in my bed, but was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

Suddenly, despite all my flaws and sins, I felt I was deep submerged in God's Ocean of Mercy. I felt secure and happy. I felt I loved myself.

Now, when I read term "fear of God" in Scriptures, as a prominent virtue, I guess I have a new understanding of it and I wanted to share it with you.

For the audiences the Manifestations of God found in the Middle East and in general all audiences for ancient civilizations, fear to authority was widespread and the best way to ensure correct behaviour (You had to refrain from, say, stealing property, because as a thief you would be punished by the King). So they used the term and the associated concept, just like you teach a small child to obey out of fear of their parents, before helping them to realize that behaving well is the rational thing to do.

As mankind evolves from childhood to adulthood, we are coming to understand that God is not to be feared... it is our poor choices, resulting from our uncontrolled impulses and not by our rational soul, what should be feared.

Fearing God to me now means fearing I will reject Him, not that He will reject me. As long as I turn to Him/Her, God will be there to embrace me.
He/She is "The Essence of Loving Kindness", "The "Forgiving", "The Hand of Mercy".

Do you have "fear of God"? How do you experience it?

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The origin of the concept of "fear of God" comes originally from the Hebrew term "yirah".

From what I understand, "yirah" is having respect for the power of something. From context, then, "yirah" can mean fear, as if you respect the power of something that is dangerous to you, you fear it, and it is probably the reason that "yirah" is translated as "fear" from Hebrew. Although, "yirah" can also mean, then, awe, as you can respect something's power in a capacity of awe as well.
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Good morning camachoe

These eyes perceive from you an insightful post. Fear, not as in afraid, but fear as in respect, obedience, and observance of not just Laws but also of exhortations.

This memory recalls something about one who does not fear God fears all things, while one who fears God is feared by all things. An image arises of one who pats a dog - the dog fears the owner with love and loyalty, and in return receives security, comfort and, of course, food and drink.

With warm greetings


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