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Bahá'u'llá and tzadikum

The more I read of the Baha'i texts, the more I crave to read them. They put everything in clarity and soothe my restless soul. Yet I'm also humbled by their vast depth.

So this is not from a Baha'i text but from Rebbe Nachman. He's a 19th century Hassidic Rabbi who was deeply mystical. He writes some really challenging, out there stuff. Here is what he writes about Advice:

“It is necessary to greatly distance oneself from the advice of the common people, the majority of all of it being bad and very faulty advice… Through a blemish in believing in the Sages, one never has whole counsel, he’s always in doubt, his counsel is divided, and he doesn’t know how to give counsel to his soul regarding any matter…. Through receiving the counsel of the true tzadikim, a sweetening of judgments is made. Also, salvation comes to him through this. Also, if he doesn’t receive counsel from the tzadikim, then evil may come to him, God forbid, through himself – in the aspect of “A man’s folly perverts his way...” (Proverbs 19). However, if one receives counsel from the tzadikim, even if afterwards he is unable [to do it] well, he [should] know that this is only from Above.”

Rebbe Nachman’s writing packs a lot of wisdom into only a few words. So I'll try to unpack it and I hope it will explain why the writings of Bahá'u'llá have affected me so much.

So the Rebbe first says we can't follow the common advice of the world. It's full of selfishness and is as the Jews say the blind leading the blind, they both end up in a pit. Then you also can't be following human sage after sage (or guru or priest or spiritual teacher). I've done this for far too long, I'm not certain of anything.
The Rebbe says you need to find the tzadikum. There’s a lot built into that concept which is a uniquely Hasidic idea. The tzadikum are the righteous out of each generation. They claim there is 36 of them alive at any one time (this is from Kabbalah). But these holy individuals hold the potential to be the messiah. If the world is ready and the conditions are right the will be become the savior of the world. If not, when they die a new one will be chosen by God.
However, there is another aspect of the tzadikum that the Rebbe teaches. According to Nachman, only the tzadikum can truly interpret the Torah and the will of God. You should spend you life looking for the tzadikum and follow him. That's because only he’ll be able to teach the correct path and he just might become the messiah.

All of that is some heavy and slightly crazy stuff. Still, in my life, Nachman is right. I've been searching for a long time now for someone to help me understand the mysteries of God. I keep hopping religions, but now my head is a jumble of teachings and conflicting wisdoms. Then I read Bahá'u'llá and the pieces begin to come together. I pray the obligatory prayers and it feels natural. I've found a tzadikum.

Please don't take this statement too literally. I never believed that there were 34 messiahs to be running around. I actually didn't believe in tzadikum at all. But that's the wonder of it. I didn't think there was an answer to how all religions could be right and I didn't think there was a way to follow God alone.

Thank you for sharing this wisdom with me! I hope this explanation made at least a little bit of sense.

I also think I'm going to spend more energy studying and less posting and switch more to learning that trying to share or compare about other traditions. At least till I finish reading the main Bahai texts.
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Excellent. i feel the same. Been searching everywhere. Its making sense.

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