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"the noise, the clamour, the hollowness of religious doctrine"

"O Army of Life! East and West have joined to worship stars of faded splendour, and have turned in prayer unto darkened horizons. Both have utterly neglected the broad foundation of God's sacred laws, and have grown unmindful of the merits and virtues of His religion. They have regarded certain customs and conventions as the basis of the Divine faith, and have firmly established themselves therein. They have imagined themselves as having attained a glorious pinnacle of achievement and prosperity, when in reality they have touched the innermost depths of heedlessness and deprived themselves wholly of God's bounteous gifts.
The cornerstone of the religion of God is the acquisition of divine perfections and the sharing in His manifold bestowals. The essential purpose of faith and belief is to ennoble the inner being of man with the outpourings of grace from on high. If this be not attained, it is, indeed, deprivation. It is the realization of this deprivation that is the true eternal fire.
Therefore, it is incumbent upon all Bahá'ís to ponder this delicate and vital matter in their hearts, that, unlike other religions, they may not content themselves with the noise, the clamour, the hollowness of religious doctrine. Nay, rather, they should exemplify in every aspect of their lives the attributes and virtues that are born of God, and should arise to distinguish themselves by their goodly behaviour. They should justify their claim to be Bahá'ís by deeds, not by name.
He is a true Bahá'í who strives by day and by night to progress and advance along the path of human endeavour, whose cherished desire is so to live and act as to enrich and illumine the world; whose source of inspiration is the Essence of Divine perfection; whose aim in life is to conduct himself so as to be the cause of infinite progress. Only when he attains unto such perfect gifts can it be said of him that he is a Bahá'í.
In this holy dispensation, the crowning glory of bygone ages and cycles, faith is no mere acknowledgement of the unity of God, but rather the living of a life that manifests the virtues and perfections implied in such belief.
His Holiness the exalted One, may my life be a sacrifice to Him, has shown us the way of behaviour, has guided us to the path of self-sacrifice, has taught us how to despise earthly rest and comfort, and how to lay down our lives for each other. That sanctioned Being, despite the loftiness of His position and the exaltation of His spirit, chose to be chained and fettered that we might obtain the light of divine guidance. All the days of His life He rested not for a moment. He sought no repose nor laid His head upon the couch of ease and security. His days were passed amid afflictions and suffering. How can we follow Him and yet remain idle and at ease?
O my friends, arise to tend the pure and widely-scattered seed planted in the hearts of men. Dedicate yourselves wholly to the service of humanity. Then will the world be turned into a paradise; then will the surface of the earth mirror forth the glory of the Abhá Kingdom. Should you fail in this, great will be your deprivation and grievous your loss.
O servant of truth, wouldst thou obtain the sovereignty of earth and heaven? Seek nought but true servitude upon the threshhold of the Abhá Beauty. Wouldst thou win the joy of liberty in this world and the next? Desire but submission unto His holy will. Wouldst thou discover the true way to God? Follow the path of His covenant. Wouldst thou behold the light of eternal splendour? Fix thy gaze upon His bountiful grace vouchsafed from the Abhá Kingdom."
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I am bumping this - such a profoundly important passage from the Master.
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Live the life

Little by little and day by day

Yes most important Matthew

And to have a sin covering eye.
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You come of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve," said Aslan. "And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth. Be content?
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Humbling to remember I am not Baha'i, I am only striving to be Baha'i.
Loving regards,
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Encounter last nite

Originally Posted by becky View Post
Humbling to remember I am not Baha'i, I am only striving to be Baha'i.
Loving regards,
A most interesting encounter last nite with a couple of the local "I'm saved, and you guys are going to hell" folks out making their rounds.

One of the old gentlemen visited with the Baha'is several times during out Farmer's Market booths last summer. He's a nice, sweet spirited soul, whose intellectual grasp of the Faith is generalized with more or less everything under the sun, all lumped together.

He tells us what we believe: reincarnation, that every system of belief is accepted to us, etc, etc. Meanwhile, his friend, who had never heard of the Faith, observed the show. He googled Wikipedia during the conversation and read outloud what it said, which was a fair and impartial overview.

The old fellow kept trying to put me into his "convenient box", but showed obvious frustration, even anger, at yet another Baha'i who wouldn't cooperate with his plan.

Ya Baha'ul'Abha!!

Tablet of Ahmad, anyone?

Happy Ayyami-Ha!!
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It always amused when people claimed to be saved. I won't know whether or not I'm saved until the moment of my death

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