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Quote of the Day, 6 Masá’il 173 BE

"Our progress may be slow, our task immesurably beyond our limited strength, the setbacks we may suffer in His service numerous and painful, and the neglect and indifference of the peoples around us deep and widespread; yet what the vigilant spirit of our departed Master requires us in this day is to follow in His footsteps, to remain firm and unafraid amid the vicissitudes of the world, and carry on with radiant hope, to the very last moment of our life, the glorious task we, and they that follow us, are destined to achieve.

His promise is sure, and His power none can resist. We need but follow, day by day, His divine exhortations and instructions, and do all in our power to exemplify every one of them in our daily life, and putting our trust wholly in Him wait with confidence for the unfolding of His plan to all the world."

- Letter by Shoghi Effendi to the Baha'is of California, December 21 1923

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173, day, masá’il

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