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Other Translations of Scripture?

I was wondering if there are any other translations of Bahá'í scripture, as in, some that would be easier to read from a teenager's perspective? Thanks in advance,
-Cole. (:
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They are written in a lofty tone. I found them difficult even in my 20's. I struggled to get through Dawnbreakers then. I have read as little as a paragraph morning and evening for the last approximately 20 years and have managed to finish all published works of Baha'u'llah. Read a little day by day. Going on Pilgrimage seemed to accelerate by ability to read Baha'u'llahs Works.
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There are no "other versions."

Shoghi Effendi deliberately chose that style because, he said, it best reflects the exalted tone of the original text.

Hang in there; it will gradually become easier and easier to read! :-)


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Look on it this way.. Read the Writings and have a dictionary handy..any word you don't know write it down and define it. When your Scholastic Aptitude Test comes around or English vocabulary test you'll get high marks!
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Thanks very much. (: To me, it's similar to reading Shakespeare, only more fulfilling.
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You can find other translations on the internet. We are allowed to read these and use them personally as we please. Some follow the style set by Shoghi Effendi, some do not. The translations which come from the World Center are of a high quality and created in such a way as to hopefully remove as much translator bias as possible. Those translations which come from Shoghi Effendi are of a particularly high quality, and his translation choices were arduously and precisely considered, they can be extremely helpful even to those who read the original languages in which the Scriptures of the Faith were revealed.

Reading translations by various Baha'i Scholars and early believers can be enlightening and useful for a variety of reasons, but is not likely to be useful in avoiding difficult reading, and may even be more difficult as many lack the stylistic consistency of 'authorized' translations. One must also be careful to take into account the presumptions and opinions of the translator. Dr. Nader Saiedi and Moojan Momen have produced some useful translations as well as Sen Mcglinn (who is a member here) but for a most part these are produced and should probably primarily be used for academic rather than devotional purposes.

It is very likely that the translations we have today will not be the last ones, and revisions will certainly happen from time to time, but the style Shoghi Effendi used in His english translations is probably permanent. (Do translations to other languages use a similar style or are they more basic?)

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