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B. Different kinds of suffering
1. Suffering inflicted on innocent people by oppressors
As to the subject of babes and children and weak ones who are afflicted by the hands of oppressors… for those souls there is a recompense in another world… that suffering is the greatest mercy of God. Verily, that mercy of the Lord is far better than all the comfort of this world and the growth and development appertaining to this place of mortality. (DAL86 89)
These events happen in order that man’s faith may be increased and strengthened. Therefore, although we feel sad and disheartened, we must supplicate God to turn our hearts to the kingdom and pray for these departed souls with faith in His infinite mercy so that, although they have been deprived of this earthly life, they may enjoy a new existence in the supreme mansions of the Heavenly Father. (DAL86 6)

2. Suffering that we cause to others and to ourselves
If a man eats too much, he ruins his digestion; if he takes poison he becomes ill or dies. If a person gambles he will lose his money; if he drinks too much he will lose his equilibrium.
All these sufferings are caused by the man himself, it is quite clear therefore that certain sorrows are the result of our own deeds. (PT 41)

3. Suffering sent by God to the believers
… sufferings there are, which come upon the Faithful of God. Consider the great sorrows endured by Christ and His apostles!
Those who suffer most, attain to the greatest perfection. Those who declare a wish to suffer much for Christ’s sake must prove their sincerity; those who proclaim their longing to make great sacrifices can only prove their truth by their deeds. Job proved the fidelity of his love for God by being faithful
through his great adversity, as well as during the prosperity of his life. (PT 42)
Be content with that which God hath ordained for thee. He, verily, payeth the due recompense of those who are patient.
Hast thou not seen My incarceration, My affliction, My injury, My suffering? Follow then the ways of Thy Lord, and among His methods is the suffering of His well-favoured servants.
(FG 169)

4. Sufferings of the Manifestations of God
Suffering, of one kind or another, seems to be the portion of man in this world. Even the Beloved ones, the Prophets of God, have never been exempt from the ills that are to be found in our world… (LG 604–605)
How could they (God’s teachers) teach and guide others in the way if they themselves did not undergo every species of suffering to which other human beings are subjected? (SS 19)
You must always remember that the Manifestations of God, Themselves, were not immune to suffering of the most human nature; and that from the hands of their relatives, they drank the bitterest potions, Bahá’u’lláh even being proffered poison by His half-brother, Mírzá Yahyá. Besides their afflictions, our afflictions, however terrible for us, must seem small in comparison. (FG 187–188)
Every morning I arose from My bed, I discovered the hosts of countless afflictions massed behind My door; and every night when I lay down, lo! My heart was torn with agony at what it had suffered from the fiendish cruelty of its foes. With every piece of bread the Ancient Beauty breaketh is coupled the assault of a fresh affliction, and with every drop He drinketh is mixed the bitterness of the most woeful of trials. He is preceded in every step He taketh by an army of unforeseen calamities, while in His rear follow legions of agonizing sorrows. (GL 119–120)
Praised be Thou, O Lord my God! Thou seest my poverty and my misery, my troubles and my needs, my utter helplessness and my extreme lowliness, my lamentations and my bitter wailing, the anguish of my soul and the afflictions which beset me. (PM 139)
The Meaning of Suffering
The Mystery of Sacrifice
Selections from the Bahá’í Holy Writings
Outlined and Compiled by Judith Hatcher
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On a lighter note, this amusing story by Abdul-Baha regarding the need to experience different types of suffering.

In the story which follows as an example, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in response to an emotional plea from an older believer Aqa Riday-i-Qannad, said,
"Yes, in the path of the Blessed Beauty one must drink heartily from the overflowing cup of difficulties and afflictions in order to experience its consummate intoxicating effect. One type of adversity only does not have the same effect; it does not bestow that inebriating pleasure. Wines of diverse flavours must be consumed in this divine banquet, until one is utterly intoxicated."
He uttered these words with such joy and ardour that every atom of our beings soared with a sense of ecstasy and rapture. Then He added, ‘But you have never attended a drinking party. To get completely drunk and ultimately lose all sense of himself, a drinker mixes his drinks. .. . We, too, must drink various tastes from the cup of tribulation." Suddenly, in a booming voice He asked, Jináb-i-Khán, is that not so?"
All eyes were focused on me. And I without a moment's hesitation replied,
"Yes, Beloved, that is so. By the way, they drink something else too."
"What is that, then?" asked 'Abdu'l-Bahá.
"They mix wine and whisky and say, we are drinking 'wineky'!"
Suddenly His laughter rang out, His tearful eyes looked heavenward, and with a smile He said, "We, too, as the Khán says, drink wineky, drink wineky!"
(Memories of Nine Years in Akká, by Dr. Youness Afroukhteh, p. 184)
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Suffering my Friend
is a means to an end :-)

I loved the book "Memories of Nine Years in Akká", by Dr. Youness Afroukhteh

Regards Tony
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Those who have suffered

Originally Posted by BeyadehBaha View Post
Suffering is relative.
Thanks for the shares
Yes suffering is relative.

What I have found interesting having worked many years in the social welfare field, those that care and look after the disabled, aged and needy are of all levels, but those who have experienced greater suffering within their own lives are the most kind, thoughtful and compassionate. Just my own observation.
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Very true...
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Those who suffer are the most beloved of God and should therefore be the most beloved of man

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