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Muslim-Bahai Wedding

Hi dear friends,
I have some questions about the practices of the Baha'i marriage. I am about to get married to a Muslim and we would like to mix our two religious practices into one marriage; is that allowed? For instance if a Sheikh would marry us under Islamic law, are we also allowed to say ''We will all, verily, abide by the Will of God'' and would that be considered marrying under Baha'i law as well? As we already have two witnesses, and we would both like to be married for Islamic as well as Baha'i spiritual law, we were wondering if this is allowed?
I recently became a Baha'i and am now living in an area where there is no local spiritual assembly... I read somewhere that the two witnesses have to be approved (or appointed?) through the LSA? How does that work in my case and is that necessary for the marriage to be recognized?
Hope you can help me with my questions, thanks in advance
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Dear Wandering Spirit,

You should get in touch with the National Spiritual Assembly of the country you live in and they will let you know how to approach this.

If you don't have their phone number, here's a link of National Baha'i Offices in the world:A Global Community | The Bahá

Baha'i weddings don't need to be formal or fancy, however it may need to be separate from a wedding of another Faith. I am not sure.

I wish you all the best for your wedding and your future life together.

Loving greetings,

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Congratulations WanderingSpirit,

If a Baha'i marriage is to be officiated it can actually be held by the individual authorised to hold the other religious ceremony. In such a case they normally announce and oversee the Baha'i ceremony vows after officiating their own religious ceremony vows. Therefore a Sheikh, if they are willing to do this, can offer the marriage service that you are seeking here. In such situations the marriage service usually moves back to their own religious service after the Baha'i marriage vows are shared. The shared exchange of Baha'i marriage vows coupled with a short announcement before this is undertaken usually requires around a minute to perform. The key is in obtaining the silence before the vow is shared. Even so, simply by doing this, it permits a unique shared religious marriage to transpire. These are normally very well received. It still has to be witnessed by the Baha'i representatives, but they can witness the marriage vows being overseen by the Sheikh without any direct intervention simply by being present with the other guests. Doing it like this allows the wedding ceremony to run coherently inline with both religious requirements because it does not place any unreasonable demands on either party. This makes perfect sense if the wedding is to be conducted in a religious building. I have attended a few Baha'i marriage services like this and in my view they work very well indeed because they unite the couples beliefs. They also highlight the complete simplicity of the Baha'i marriage service and why it works so well in such situations.

A Baha'i marriage service can also be completely discreet entailing a simple exchange of vows in a private room with their respective witnesses after the other religious marriage ceremony. In such a case this can be undertaken in a private room of another building on the same day after the other religious service if needed.

The point to appreciate here is that all religious individuals who are licensed to hold religious marriage services may have different views on shared religious marriages. Whatever these are they must be honoured and respected. Because of this the Baha'i Faith will accommodate a marriage service inline with a couples actual needs. It is simply a matter of understanding what these are.

The advice offered by Suzanne9 is very sound indeed. Simply contact your National Spiritual Assembly first for any particular guidance then once you have this along with parental consent you can approach the Sheikh concerned to request approval. Naturally you are free to request a Baha'i to come with you to help with this if you feel it might be of assistance, but if you do, do request a Baha'i who is both conversant in Arabic and qualified on Islamic marriages. Also be quite sure in detailing how you would like your marriage to transpire.

Here is wishing both of you every success in planning the marriage that lays ahead of you.


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Allahu Akbar
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Just curious, but isn't it forbidden in Islam to marry a Bahá'í?
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Originally Posted by Yusuf Mirza Ali View Post
Just curious, but isn't it forbidden in Islam to marry a Bahá'í?
From what I've read it is permitted for a Muslim to marry a "Person of the Book", so any Abrahamic Faith should, in theory, be allowable (but I'm sure there are some who would argue against that).

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