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Baha'i Holidays in the Family

I'd like to learn how you celebrate Baha'i holidays in the family, if/when you do that.

My wife is not Baha'i, but ... "secular Christian-influenced agnostic", perhaps (religion doesn't play a role for her, but she's certainly not opposed to religion). We have decided that we're going to teach our daughter (19 months old now) and future children (#2 is expected next February ) about our beliefs; which means I'm going to teach her about Baha'u'llah, the other manifestations and my views, but also explain her that mommy believes something else and she shall ask her, too. She (and her future sibling(s)) shall ideally be able to make their own decision eventually.

At the age of 19th months, my daughter is just starting to speak first sentences, but she's already fascinated when I do the daily prayer in her presence, for example.

My wife and I agreed we also want to celebrate some Baha'i holidays (alongside Christmas) within the family, making it a tradition.

But I'm not sure what this could look like. Naturally, when the community is going to have a celebration of some kind, we can go there, all the family. But how about ways to create an atmosphere at home, too?

Our plan is, so far, to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha by inviting friends and/or parents for dinner. And perhaps we can play Persian music ... I've got some traditional Persian and Indian music, so this holiday could be a good opportunity to play it.

It would be nice if my kids later remembered these holidays, with a special "flavor" in mind, much like I remember the Christmas "atmosphere" in my parent's home, the according music and so on.

So, how do you celebrate Baha'i holidays with the family?
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Ususally the celebrations are in Baha'I gatherings for the Baha'I community. So, Baha'is go to these celelrations with their families. You can take your wife with you

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