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'Unclean' -- Iran's Outcast Baha'i Minority

'Unclean' -- Iran's Outcast Baha'i Minority
Anthony Vance, Nov 26, 2013

'Anyone who has seen Schindler's List will remember the scene when the film's protagonist is temporarily detained for kissing a female Jewish work camp prisoner in a rare celebratory moment. This was a violation of the Nazi regime's racial laws, based on theories asserting that Jewish "blood" or genes were harmful to society and, in a few instances, that Jews were even carriers of dangerous contamination. Such pernicious theories are, of course, rejected by sound science and generally regarded today as a particularly extreme result of centuries of anti-Semitism in Europe. While the Nazi concepts targeted one's race or ethnicity and stand alone in their brutal results, there are surprising similarities with concepts used in Iran today that instead target one's beliefs...'

Read more here: 'Unclean' -- Iran's Outcast Baha'i Minority | Anthony Vance
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They called us "Najes" in Iran, which means dirty or unclean to the point that if you touched a Baha'i you would become contaminated with their "disease".
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As memory serves me of the Bible, in Jesus day those who suffered with leprosy, by law when walking the streets had to shout "Uncleen unclean"

Fear of others causes much bigotry.

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