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What does Baha'I faith have to offer?

This might be question that many people, Baha'I or Non-Baha'I would probably wonder.
Shoghi Effendi, wrote, no matter how sincere believer a person can be, he can never fully comprehand the Baha'I Faith or completely appreciate it.

Feel free to discuss what Baha'I Faith can really offer to humanity.

I'd say, for one out of many things that Baha'I Faith offers is, Universal House of Justice.
Never in the history of mankind they could elect their representatives at a world wide level, through a Voting process.

A quick explanation from my understanding how UHJ is elected every 5 years:

The Baha'is of every town in every country get together in their own city and elect 9 members among themselves by voting. This is called the Local assemblies. For example, Baha'is of city of Toronto, get together in Toronto and elect their 9 members. Likewise all cities of every country that has at least 9 Baha'is, have their own assembly.
Then, these elected local assemblies of every country, get together and elect 9 members among themselves through a second stage voting. That is called national spiritual assembly. For example, Canada has its own National assembly which is elected, and USA, England, Germany, etc....have their own assemblies likewise. I think there are about 180 countries that have Baha'I National Assembly.
In the third stage, these National Assemblies of every country get together, and by voting, elect 9 men, among all Baha'is in the World. This is the UHJ, which essencially is an international elected assembly.

From the Baha'I Writings, I understand, that there comes a time, that the majority of People of the earth 'Willingly' enter the Faith. At that point, practically, we will have a world, that electes its World Wide UHJ, and a perfect world democracy is the least to say, they have.

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Many people say that the Bahai faith has nothing to offer to humanity. I don't think that obviously.

The House of justice is one of the greatest things in the faith for me. You explained it very well. It is just so mind blowing, that all the people want justice, and God gave it to us. It seems almost to good to be true.

In this world exists a house, that brings forth justice. All the people had until now was judgement. We had judges in the past. Now we have justice.

Also the system of having many leaders is revolutionary. The secular world should learn from the Bahais and elect 9 presidents or 9 chancellors. This would end so many problems and something like Hitler would not be possible any more.

Another great thing that comes into my mind, because I am talking to atheists often, is this.

Many people simply cant believe in ancient tales. Every world religion consists of ancient tales, and the atheists are somehow right to doubt them. From a historical pov, nobody can be sure that Jesus or Muhammad even existed.

But Bahaullahs existence cannot be doubted.

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Here are some more New ways of life that Baha'I Faith offers:

- Removing system of clergy and replacing it with the principle of independent investigation of truth. In previous dispensation, people had the habit of learning religious matters from a Clergy person who was thought to be a spiritual person. The Baha'I faith breaks this habit, and teaches that in our Age, everyone is able to investigate and learn on their own, and no need for clergy. Essensially in Baha'I community, everyone is a regular Baha'I. Even the members of UHJ.

- A new set of Laws in accordence with the requirements of the Age, that replaces the old Laws and appointing UHJ as the elected institute to apply the Laws in Baha'I communities. Never in previous dispensations a prophet had appointed an institute responsible for applying the Laws of their Book.

- Removing or reducing the outward form of religion, and emphasizing on the inner reality.
For example Group prayers that existed in Islam and has become a tool for show-off for some, is abolished; Leaving the choice of cloth upto women, but emphasizing on living a chast life instead.

- Giving interpretation of the verses of Baha'I Holy Books by Abdulbaha. Never in previous dispensations officially divinely revealed of the Book was given. For example, in Islam or Christianity, the interpretations of the holy Book was developed by various scolars, which often are different from a sect to another. This has caused differences between followers and causing more denominations with different interpretations. In Baha'I Faith all interpretation that was required was already given by Central Figures and therefore it does not leave a situation for Schism.

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It contains the means to turn this graveyard Earth into a paradise.

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And the main means is the change of heart of everyone of us.

Nothing more - nothing less.

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