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UK Baha'i website

Welcome to the United Kingdom Bah’ Community

I think its a very well made and informative website!
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You made me cry!

You dog you! I had the most beautiful experiences with the Baha'is in London in 1980, 1991, and 1992. In '80 the couple who spent enormous amounts of time who were so precious became engaged while I was gone to Paris and had come back. SEE what happens when you get out of the way. I think I was the catalyst and they watched how each other dealt with this extremely broke the mold person who was a Baha'i. I think they realized if they could team up to approach dealing with me that children, Aramgedeon, and British food (Scottish egges in particular) were a no brainer. This is not reccommended to all couples who are courting.

I met with the secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of Britain and talked about co-dependency in 1991 and explained that sometime the only way to deal with some people was to give up on them, because without consequences some people will remain the same. AT least that is what I hope he heard, but I probably told him they were wrong when they let these people take advantage of the love they were giving them. However I did not know enough about spiritual solutions to have any business saying anything to anyone. By listening to me and letting me be a little special however it helped me. So who knows if anything I said did anything........................ However I got to see the room in that bldg that I had been to firesides in in 1980. It was incredible, but I did not see nor was I able to ask where the vases were that I was pretty sure were copies of the David Vases at the Percival David Institute that is now in the BM (Brititsh Musuem).

Having transport anywhere is wonderful. We actually have it where I live above ground, but riding it is like a sign saying "This guy is destitute, a loser, and should be treated as a questionable member of our society".

I walked at least twice all the way to the Guardian's grave, because I did not know how to catch the bus to it. Even that was fun, but the first time I went I was taken. Do you have any idea how it feels to be in the left front passenger seat and make a right turn in multi lane intersection? I'm very tall, so people think I can't sit in the back seat. Sometime I let it be known that it isan't always true. I have been in a front seat that was so tight that I could not walk until the feeling came back in y right leg. It would not have been so bad if I had not been afraid to interupt the driver while we sat in a parking lot and talked. Her help and humor however was fun.............

I guess I'll wrap it up for a bit, but only a bit............Honk your horn if you love Yeshua..........

I like honk your horn if you love Darwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Shamshir View Post
One of the first sites I went to when I first started looking at the Baha'i! Well made.

I've recently emailed them for specific contact information; I want to visit a centre and meet a Baha'i in person (it would be the first time!).
Other Baha'is can be a test at times. I will personally chew out any one who does not treat you like a MP. I hope you find some Baha'is within whom you see the glimmer of not just the love of God, but the fire of His glory. It is important that one can come into this Faith with anything that currently exists in this world from being a borderline personality disorder to sainthood and the range between those polarities is enormous, more so than I think in any other religion. It was probably common in early Chrisitianity.

Baha'is have the job to be loveable themselves and that means we learn to love others then that makes us loveable. Some of us were as terribly abused as one can be as children and are hard edged opinionated dough doughs and our bread is not baked in the middle. We were entitled to be that way. That is where we started when we came in the Faith.

The Faith takes personal progress for granted, we automatically believe anyone who enters the Faith will get better if they are firm in the Covenant, read and pray daily, attend Baha'i activities, and teach the Cause. Big challenge that can only be done little by little day by day. Individual believers have no business getting in your business unless you ask for consultation from them. IF you are flagrant in violation of the laws a Local Spiritual Assembly will make sincere efforts to consult with you and guide you and they will be as a loving parent. IF you are really outstanding you may become the object of the scrutiny of a National Spiritual Assembly, but that is an experience I do not reccommend unless you like going "WHEW!!!!!" after major ordeals.

FEAST is coming up, you might want to get yourself invited, telling someone you want to declare at Feast. You will cause celebration and tears. I hope you can handle being loved. It surely was tough for me, but it is worth it when you learn to give love to others. One only thinks one can love others, but unless you can accept others love as gracefully as giving to others then one has progress to make in my opoinion. Thank you for meeting us and being apart of us. PLEASE keep us up to date. Cire Perdue

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