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Teaching Christians

10 Qawl, 173 BE

After three years of participating in a Baha'i Booth set up at a Farmer's Market, May through September, 7 times per season, the friendly folks at a nearby booth set up for Christ's Church offered yet another invitation to come visit.
Soooo... considering it was only a hundred yards up the street, I thought... hmmm... maybe I've got not excuse not to accept the invitation!!
Good move thus far... 7 weeks ago I wore "The Shirt", the one with the numbers on it: 1260 AH = 1844 AD = ONE BE ... to a service.

At the reception afterwards, five people asked me:
. . . "What do those numbers mean?"

Two of the conversations were quite long, with people inviting me to return next week. Then the head Pastor sat down with me for a 9 minute conversation (or so), and asked me to please visit him the next day at his office at 3 pm.
It turns out that Brian had visited the House of Worship in Wilmette, and... The Lotus Temple!!! Plus he did a 2 1/2 year stint with the Peace Corps in the Congo, and also spent time in China and India.
After over an hour of initial discussion, he asked me to return the next week, and the next, and ... Seven times thus far, and next Monday will be Number 8...

There is a kind of routine established at this point. He assigns a topic of interest to him, which I prepare for the next visit. The discussions are lively and deep. I gave him three pages of quotes from the various Manifestations of God last visit, which he promised to read. These were all parallel quotes of ... "I am the Way... the Beginning and the End..."

My next assignment is to prepare the quotes of Baha'u'llah regarding the Station of Jesus. With a few from Abdul Baha and Shoghi Effendi, there are now Five pages, which I pray he will read, and that the Light will shine ever more fully in his pure heart.

ALSO: These two old guys keep inviting me on Tuesday evenings for a brief liturgy and then an hour or two of friendly discussion. One of them has been ordained by Four different churches, including an all black church where he was the only white guy. Cooool dude...
As my new neighbor is a black minister, I asked him to accompany me last night to the Tuesday discussion, which he did. All has gone very well so far. The other old guys have my email address and we communicate back and forth now, providing opportunities to share the occasional quote from Baha'u'llah.


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Will be glad to say prayers
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AS usual praying for you dear friend.
You appear to be doing great work, and praying for your and others efforts are all I am able to do now a-days.
Loving regards
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You are in my prayers, Dale. Finished reading Compassionate Woman, the story of Patricia Locke. Learned some amazing things that had been left out of our classroom history books. I have been wishing she was still here at her ancestral home in Standing Rock, that mess might have been cleared up sooner.....we shall see if the Corps of Engineers sticks to their decision and finds an alternate route. Loaned it to a fellow, a Choctaw, actually, who has become quite active in helping with service projects up at the Community Center. I will never forget how inspiring her son, Kevin, was performing his circle of life hoop dance. Wish I had met her too!
Loving regards,
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Greetings Dale,

I trust that you are well.

This might be the website of the Church you are talking about because it is close to the location where the Bahá'í Booth is during the Farmers Market. The opening video also feature a person called Brian talking about God's Plan for Yucaipa: Christ's Church

If this the website of the Church concerned you may find it very helpful to look at their neighbourhood and prayer groups because their aim here is to help people connect with one another. This will have a Christian focus, yes, but the spirit of what they are seeking to achieve is inline with Bahá'í community aims too. Learning to integrate with people with different beliefs is a fundamental requirement of mature growth. So you might like to contrast the spirit of the participants with those in Bahá'í gatherings to see what you can learn from each other: Groups

Years ago I received a visit from a Jehovah Witness who was looking for friendly venues to host international travel teachers each weekend. I explained that he was more than welcome to bring his guests around my home as I would be happy to listen to them. So each week I had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about Jehovah Witnesses from around the world and they had an opportunity to learn a little about the Bahá'í Faith too. People often underestimate the power of nurturing genuine friendships with people in different religions. The aim here is not to poach believers from each other, but rather to help afford each other to acquire a genuine down to earth understand that can help both parties respect the qualities of the other. Sometimes teaching is all about being a friendly ambassador.

Here is wishing you well for the event.


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