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The Sun rises from its West

One of the signs to pass before Day of Resurrection, that is mentioned in recorded traditions is the rise of sun from its setting place. To most people this may appear that the Sunrise changes its direction.

It should be mentioned that the Imams of Islam had said that in their Hadiths, there are also Mutishabihat, meaning there are figurative signs and symbolic expressions in some of the Hadiths and Verses of Quran. Also, the Prophet and Imams had advised that their Hadiths must be accepted only if it has a witness from Quran, and is compatible with the verses of Quran, and in Quran there is not a single mention that the Sun of this solar system ever changes its direction, and rises from its west.

Interestingly, there is a recorded tradition in Bihar, Vol 52-53 that Salim Abu Khadija narrated that from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (a.s.) a person was asking some questions and the Imam was explaining to him: that man asked:

“After the Morning Prayers, I recite the obligatory devotions and then I like to go sleep before sunrise, although it not something that I should do.”

“Why is that?” asked the Imam.

He replied: “Perhaps the sun might rise from another direction.”

Imam (a.s.) said: “There is no problem. The sun always rises from the same direction. Once you have recited the devotions, there is no problem if you go to sleep.”

Hence, since according to Imam, the Sun never changes its direction, there is no other choice, except rising sun from its west, should be regarded as Figurative. As regards to interpretation of Figurative verses and Hadiths, the Quran and hadiths warns against personal interpretations which are based on one's own imagination, and advises that only those who are well grounded in knowledge have the authority to interpret the symbolic expressions in verses and Hadiths. Therefore, here I will present, the interpretation of Rising the sun from its west, based on the interpretation given by the Imams, who according to Quran and hadiths are well grounded in knowledge, infallible, pure, and have the authority to do so, and I will avoid to interpret any symbols based on my own imagination.
As regards to Rising the Sun, that is an allusion to Qaim, and appearance of the Day:

Kahili narrated from Imam Ja’far Sadiq who has said regarding Rise of the Qaim, “He rises over you the way the Sun rises”

The reference of this Hadith in Quran is found in Surrah of the Night:

“By the night when it covers, And [by] the Day when it appears” Quran 92:2.

Jabir narrated from Imam Sadiq that in this verse, ‘the Day' when it appears is appearance of 'the Qaim'.

And as regards to the term “west” which is the setting place of the Sun, this is an allusion to the station of successorship of Imams after Prophet, and its reference in Quran is found in Surrah Al-Ma’arij:

“I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests” Quran 70:40

In the Tradition of Abi Basir, it is narrated from Imam Sadiq who said ‘Easts’ are the Prophets, and ‘Wests’ are the Successors.
Thus by the way of analogy, He has likened the Prophets to ‘the rising places of the sun of truth’, and once the Prophet leaves this world, and the Sun of truth sets, then His light of knowledge is manifested in His successors, thus, the term ‘setting places of the sun’ is applied to the successors after the Prophet.
In this sense each of the 12 successors of the Prophet is a setting place of the sun, that is the metaphorical ‘west’.
Thus, by the expression, ‘the Sun rises from its west’, is meant, the Sun of Truth rises from a successor of Muhammad, the Qaim, to bring a new Day, a new Revelation from God. For 'rising the Sun', is the station of Prophethood and Revelation, and in many of the Hadithes, it is said, the Qaim rises with a new cause from Heaven, a new Book, and a new way of life.

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Nice theological work!! An excellent read!!

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