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I just finished Ruhi book 10 unit 2, Building Vibrant Communities. I was struck by just how much importance was placed on consultation.

"Settle all things, both great and small, by consultation. Without prior consultation, take no important step in your own personal affairs. Concern yourselves with one another. Help along one another's projects and plans. Grieve over one another. Let none in the whole country go in need. Befriend one another until ye become as a single body, one and all ..."

('Abdu'l-Bahá: Ibid)

(Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 178)

I wanted to try this out for myself, but unfortunately, in real life I'm a hopeless introvert . I'm trying to adjust myself to talking more often, but I thought that going on the forums would be a good practice if nothing else

I hope that we can become as a single body, even here on the internet (after all, science is a tool). Perhaps the first topic could be how we carry out consultations in the first place?
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Book ten sounds wonderful...thank you for sharing and giving me something to look forward to! Can't wait to get back to Colorado and Ruhi book 8, which I am absolutely loving. Nobody here in Oklahoma to study with, so have to wait til I get back home. Now I am anxious to get to Ruhi 10.
Loving regards,
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Tony Bristow-Stagg
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Yes have done a lot of things without that wisdom of consultation with others and life would take a different course if we used it for sure.

I only got up to half way through Rhui 8/2. Now remote so may be a while before progress is made in more Rhui!

I also consider that had I consulted with Baha'is where I was staying a year ago as to where to move to, I most likely would not be where I am now. There would by very little chance that I would have been guided to where I now live, had I consulted with Baha'I Institutions as this community fell quite some distance outside the "Goal" areas. I do see the wisdom in being where support can reach you, but what about these communities? Could it be our vision needs to expand to get meaningful consultations. Why is it thousands live in cities and remote communities that are very receptive have no Baha'is? If we were to commence consultations to get the bulk of Baha'is to disperse from the cities, many would?

The confirmations have been manifold and the community is in great need of the Community building process. Thus can it be that some important consultations are also our Prayers with God.

I look forward to more Rhui...need Baha'is from the city to form a link to these remote towns

God bless all, Regards Tony

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