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Former Baha'i.

Would a former Baha'i who becomes Deist,still be welcome to participate in Baha'i activities and attend devotionals and the spiritual and social portion of feast?

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According to article 5 of Nazarethan Baha'i Faith , ex-nazarethan bahais don't lose laws to vote and observe the festivals , ex-followers are not shunning and everybody can get contact with them

Article 5 "We are not slave of people"
5. You should express in bold way doubts and you have a law to criticise own religion"

Nazarethan Baha'i Faith is not Haifan Bahais!

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Dear SonTarro,

No problem at all.

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Originally Posted by gnat View Post
Dear SonTarro,

No problem at all.

Good idea
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Greetings SonTarro,

Any former member of the Bahá'í Faith is welcome to participate in a number of Bahá'í activities, including unity feasts that function as you have described. Indeed if you resigned in recent years you might even have a letter from your National Spiritual Assembly stating that you are always welcome to attend such events. This is not a subtle way to recruit former members, it is merely an indication that a person should not feel obliged to alienate themselves from potential family members and friends that choose to be members of the Bahá'í Faith.

It is important to appreciate that the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States is registered as a non-profit and this means it would actually be illegal to deny you entry to an event covered by its non-profit deeds. However, property owners always have the right to deny any person entry onto their property. As most unity feasts are conducted in people's personal homes, rather than a Bahá'í centre or property hired to a Bahá'í Institution, hopefully you can see the benefits of attending events that are run by an experienced host that will not permit anti-social behaviour on their property.

On a point of interest, if you have a personality issue with any particular member/s of the Bahá'í Faith, you can always write to the National Spiritual Assembly to explain that you would prefer to attend an event without them being present and how might this be achieved. They can be very diplomatic in such matters because the Bahá'í Faith is open to all people regardless of their personality profile. As the Bahá'í Faith cannot refuse people entry into the religion on the basis of their social outlook, it means that learning how to deal with anti-social behaviour is a necessary skill set for any mature Bahá'í. As you will know social maturity can vary greatly from one Bahá'í locality to another. So if you wish to attend a unity feast, always choose to spend it with those you feel more comfortable with.

At this time a number of unity feasts are held in order to facilitate the partners of Bahá'ís that are not members of the Bahá'í Faith to participate in Bahá'í hospitality. Indeed I know of a few Local Spiritual Assemblies that chose to forgo the 19 day feast in order to hold unity feasts so as not to make the partners of Bahá'ís feel isolated. Only when they felt it appropriate, did they explain the difference between the two types of feasts and extend an invite for them to attend the 19 day feast providing they did not object to leaving the room during the consultation phase. As a former member of the Bahá'í Faith this arrangement might also be suitable for yourself, especially if you wish to attend each month, but its implementation would be down to the decision of the Local Spiritual Assembly.

I hope this might help.


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