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One of our most positive men on the planet!

Above is the YouTube page for videos of one of our most positive men on the planet. Here is where most of his Talks can be found, and Hans backs it up with statistics!
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This lines up with Baha'i Teachings, over all things are indeed getting better!!!! Share Hans and his son's video with everyone you can!
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Thanks for sharing, MichaelAW.

I am considering Baha'i Faith as the most optimistic and humanistic religion ever, as it predicts the emergence of a New World Order without a miraculous, epic event from the outside that would suddenly wipe out the evil men.

Our Faith has so much confidence in human beings, in their spiritual capacities, that it believes that Bahai Faith will indeed succeed at a global level and at all relevant human affairs.

It is true that the Scriptures point out to the spiritual decadence of our society, but such spiritual decadence is indeed the fertile ground for spiritual rediscovery and rebirth. Finding so many people pessimistic about their future despite being wealthier than ever in history, tell us a lot about their need for hope... a hope Baha'u'llh can provide.

God wouldn't have sent Baha'u'llh at mid XIX had this time not been the right one.
The Message of Unity would not have been sent had mankind not been ready for it.

How could we expect to talk about gender equality in a world without contraceptives, voting rights and a banking system that could provide loans to entrepenurial mothers in the developing world?
How could we expect to build the Lesser Peace in a world with famines all over the place, no international functional forums whatsoever, and trade barriers that would trigger war?
How could we expect then to build the Most Great Peace, in a world in which heretics or dissidents of any religion would be sent to burn at the stake?

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And he was a Swede, of course!


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Hats of to this man.

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