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Is it okay to assume judgement day is now .. they who believe in the message from the bahaullah go to paradise (on earth) and non believers hell. As reading the quran and other bahai sources some guys agree with the above notion but others think judgment day only lasted the the life of bahaullah.

"And they will bid Thee to hasten the Chastisement (Day of Judgment). But God cannot fail His threat. And verily, a day with Thy Lord is as a thousand years, as ye reckon them. (Hajj-22:46)

It makes me happy to think it is judgement day now because allah has promised paradise for the believers, and lots of people talk about life on earth being painful but if it is judgement day and we believe/follow god we will be in paradise (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically)
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A wee bit too far on the simplistic side for my taste...

Old 09-19-2017, 11:45 AM   #3
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I think you can absolutely take the promises of heaven and salvation and judgement/seperation in simultaneously present and future tense.

Consider the Long obligatory prayer
"O Thou in separation from Whom hearts and souls have melted, and by the fire of Whose love the whole world hath been set aflame! I implore Thee by Thy Name through which Thou hast subdued the whole creation, not to withhold from me that which is with Thee, O Thou Who rulest over all men! Thou seest, O my Lord, this stranger hastening to his most exalted home beneath the canopy of Thy majesty and within the precincts of Thy mercy; and this transgressor seeking the ocean of Thy forgiveness; and this lowly one the court of Thy glory; and this poor creature the orient of Thy wealth."

I experience my "salvation" in the present in prayer where God accepts me into the gates of His presence and fills me with the ocean of His mercy. It is in the now that we are partially united lover and Beloved.
But I also hope that with our deaths we will brought more perfectly into His presence. The mystical union in this world is imperfect and subject to distraction and corruption. I await the day there is none other but Him.
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Simplicity does not make something not correct imo. The teachings are simple, yet complex at the same time. Nice post mystic, why do you say the union in this world is corrupted slightly is that your opinion/experience or from somewhere else
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Tony Bristow-Stagg
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The way I understand it is 'Judgement Day' is the Dispensation of the Messenger. Thus from the time the Message is given until the next Message, it is Judgement Day.

Yes we are in Judgement Day. The Bible also explains the choice as being the opporrunity to be Born Again.

This Judgement Day, to me, is unique. In accepting Baha'u'llah, we also realise we have accepted all of Gods past Messengers This is an immense bounty.

Now the tricky part, acceptance of the Message also requires deeds, in this day both are required. It is the Salvation of Humanity we work for, not for our own selves.

Regards Tony

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