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Did you know ... Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse ... A youtuber who is known for his wisdom ... He started of as a strength coach and now is known as a life guru/teacher. He has 1.7 million subscribers but one day after 10 years he reveals he is a Baha'i (how I found the faith) and reveals it has been the source of many of his teachings ... But all his followers mocked him for it (most) he deleted the video (I'm not 100% sure why)? .... Just thought I would share the fact that 1.7 million people heard about the Baha'i faith in a erupting manner similiar to the descriptions of the day of judgement lol
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Numerous times, as an artist and writer, as we reveal to the world we are Baha'is, we may find a number of doors suddenly are closed to us. In this we must, like 'Abdu'l-Baha, keep steadfast in our love and actions therein.

Local newspapers, rental spaces, and social circles have shunned the believers. In some countries, such has been the decisions of governments.

Recalling an advisement to another artist, he was told to alter the title on many of his paintings. Having done this, it allowed the viewer to see his own attributes in the artist's work rather than a direct reference to the Baha'i Faith. Of a sudden, his income increased through numerous sales and commissioned works. Thus, he was taken from abject poverty into a level wherewith he could contribute more to the Baha'i funds.
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I had never heard of Elliott Hulse. Thank you for that information. He's got courage, sticking out as he does, and relating it to the Faith. I like that.



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Here you go: Strong Faith and Seeking God

Looks good, don't mind the comments some people make.

Thanks Yousefy for pointing it out.
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It seems you're right, the original uploaded video about being a Baha'i seems to be deleted, I can't find it. I really liked his description in it of how he came to find spirituality as a teen and then found the Baha'i faith later as addressing all of that.

Also, I had never realized the Chinese character for 'king' is similar to the Baha'i ringstone symbol, as well as in Japanese kanji. King vs God - Elliott Hulse
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something like this is a much lesser degree once happened to me. I started talking about Baha'i believes on afterlife and laws of God to one of my cousins. He was shocked by the wisdom and decided that all my words were correct and very new. Then he got curious about my sources of studding and after a month I told him that I am a Bahai and I read those things in scripture. then he suddenly changed, and after a few days he started to dispute the validity of what I had told him; what he had previously accepted as being wise and new!!

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