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Did Baha'u'llah Dance?

Did Baha'u'llah ever dance with his wives?
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Originally Posted by djg View Post
Did Baha'u'llah ever dance with his wives?
He probably danced, but most likely not with women.

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What an interesting question- don't know the answer but wonder what brought on the question!!
I have no idea about the social conditions in those days and whether dancing at home was an activity in oriental families.
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well, I think dancing at home, with wife, has not been a thing at time of Bahaullah in Iran. I cannot imagine it at all for Iran of those days, and even nowadays people do not dance together at home for no reason (or maybe they do and I am not aware!) but dancing, like romantic dancing is mostly a European thing in my view.
After all, I think He was so busy and had so many difficulties on and on and on that there was not really much time to just dance for no reason.
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I can't imagine a life where there's no dancing! Dancing for no reason is a daily thing in my house! I don't think a day goes by without me dancing with my husband! Silly dancing, romantic dancing, all out dancing to loud music, it happens every day. I don't know if Bahaullah danced with his wives, it is an interesting question. I wonder what made you think of that Djg?

I hope he did, never dancing with ones spouse would be a bit sad. But maybe he was too preoccupied for that, or it wasn't culturally normal, who knows!
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I am not sure exactly what made me think of it. Clearly He has not forbidden dancing. I suppose it was an intellectual curiosity which drove me to ask the question.
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Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.
Martha Graham

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