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Ram Navami

Greetings, friends!
I have had a very interesting day today. I have spoken before about the group of mekubal I am the organizer of, called the Menders. We are always studying and dissecting religious texts as deeply as we can, to try and understand the finer details of such scriptures - our main goal is, as people to are trying to deepen our own understanding of scripture, to make complex scriptures more easily understandable to the average person who doesn't have the time to study things as deeply. We are hoping to write commentaries or write about the things we have learned from our studies.

Today myself and the 2 others that could make it all met up for a very interesting reason - Ram Navami.
It is said that Rama, the Hindu hero-prophet-king, had been born on 9 Chaitra, in the Treta Yuga.

Now, if this appears incorrect, please do say so that I may bring it up and we can revise this to be more correct.

The Kali Yuga began with the death of Krishna in 3102 BC (We are aware that the exact date of when Krishna lived is a point of contention, this date is merely the personal consensus within our group), and that with the death of Baha'u'llah, the Kali Yuga had ended and the Dwapara Yuga had been ushered in. This would make the length of the Kali Yuga 4994 years. The Dwapara Yuga, which began with the death of Rama, is twice as long as the Kali Yuga. This would place the beginning of the previous Dwapara Yuga in 13,090 BC, and thus, the year of Rama's death is found. It's estimated that he lived to about 70 (Contrary to some asserting that he lived 11,000 years ), placing his birth at 9 Chaitra, 13,160 BC, which would have been March 29. Using an app online one of us had noted that this day would be Baha Asma' in the Baha'i calendar. (This might not be accurate and we hope if it's not that we can correct it)

So, we had decided that, since we had an estimation of when Ram Navami actually occurred, we would celebrate it, a Baha'i way, not caring if in some Hindu calendars the day had already passed on March 25. We were trying to, while keeping the spirit of such a lovely festival, keep things going in a Baha'i manner. It was an interesting challenge to say the least.

Initially, me and one other had met up, and at noon, I told the story of Rama's birth to king Dasharatha over lunch. I also brought up the story of the ancient Kulakara Swayambhuva, who was promised by Brahma that he would have descendants worthy of praise, such as Dasharatha, and the Kalki Avatar (Hint hint, Baha'u'llah), and how Baha'u'llah was to be the next prophesied figure after Dasharatha, Rama's father.

Then another joined us. Were originally, in the spirit of giving, going to go for a long walk around town, helping people and handing out cookies, but the weather did not permit such a thing since it became quite cold and snowy.

So instead we went for coffee (and gave the staff of the shop a box of cookies), and read the first chapter of the Ramayana, the older of the 2 Hindu Itihasas ('modern histories', compared to the Puranas, 'ancient histories'), which was a summary of the life of Rama. We each took turns narrating and playing characters. I played Valkmi, the sage the Ramayana was narrated to, another played Narada, a human who, in the afterlife became an angel, but was sent back down as a prophet, and another played Ravana, the demon king. It was very fun and we all had lots of interesting commentary on it, some of it rather comedic. Like how they mention a "giant", but since everyone was probably short back then, the giant was probably about as big as a modern day basket ball player while Rama would probably be pretty short by today's standards.

Afterwards we had dinner and went to a book store (I personally got a biography of Muhammad, a Qur'an, and a compilation of Plato's works), and had dinner together. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. Even just the 3 of us together created such a wonderful feeling of belonging and unity between us - Here we are, people who have seen the unifying message of Baha'u'llah, expressing that same unity between us all - Talking Baha'i, reading Muslim, and celebrating Hindu. It was truly a magical time.

Look forward to another post about Mahavir Jayanti, April 3rd
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Originally Posted by Saveyist View Post
Greetings, friends!
I have had a very interesting day today. I have spoken before about the group of mekubal I am the organizer of, called the Menders.
Your group always sounds very interesting to me, thanks for sharing! I wish more people were that enthusiastic about reading the past Scriptures in this way.

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