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Platonic Poems

Im going to do a series of poems inspired by Platonists. I find writing helps me process and retain what I'm studying. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to point our parralels with Baha'i Writings. I think Bahá'u'llá was a platonist

teach me to love
You my soul, my life, my all.
Teach me to pray
The prayers of silent adoration
Teach me to obey
The commandments of blissful submission
Teach me to study
The ecstasies of your rapturous embrace.
Teach me to forget
The prudish nit picking of the blind ones
Lead me
Till I am lost in You.

Inspired by Plotinus First Ennead:
“The born lover, to whose degree the musician also may attain- and then either come to a stand or pass beyond- has a certain memory of beauty but, severed from it now, he no longer comprehends it: spellbound by visible loveliness he clings amazed about that. His lesson must be to fall down no longer in bewildered delight before some, one embodied form; he must be led, under a system of mental discipline, to beauty everywhere and made to discern the One Principle underlying all, a Principle apart from the material forms, springing from another source, and elsewhere more truly present. The beauty, for example, in a noble course of life and in an admirably organized social system may be pointed out to him- a first training this in the loveliness of the immaterial- he must learn to recognise the beauty in the arts, sciences, virtues; then these severed and particular forms must be brought under the one principle by the explanation of their origin. From the virtues he is to be led to the Intellectual-Principle, to the Authentic-Existent; thence onward, he treads the upward way.”
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Originally Posted by MysticMonist View Post
I think Bahá'u'llá was a platonist
Wrong. Plato was an early Bahá'í.

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Originally Posted by gnat View Post
Wrong. Plato was an early Bahá'í.

That's cool too. Point is they would be definitely be friends (maybe even BFFs).
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They say hunger is the best seasoning.
Yet desire is a fickle and bratty lover,
As soon as one gift is unwrapped she demands another,
She has a line of men outside her room,
Yet I still yearn for her!
I was never worthy of the saffron robes,
But now I'm barely able to call upon Your Name.

Oh I seek to be free of desire’s ensnaring enchantments,
To dine only on discount rice and on sale soup,
Spending lavishly only on others.
Yet even then pride and human praise
Would become a vile garnish.

My Beloved,
how can I flee myself
To your embrace
And dine only on your ambrosia kisses?
Steal me away from myself,
Elope with me in the night.
When I hunger.
Fill me only with the fragrance of You.
Let virtue and love
Be my seasoning.

(Hunger versus Virtue) Plato contrasts our base, animal desires with our rational, virtuous soul.

(Worthy of the Saffron Robes) is a reference to Theravada Buddhism’s Pali Canon where the Buddha says that those who attach to views are not worthy of wearing robes meaning they aren't worthy of being monks

(Fragrance) is a common allegory in Torah and Kabbalah for someone's spiritual qualities. Rabbi Nachman says that the Messiah will know people’s true character just by smell.
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MM, must we beg for more, or need we ask, unto a maiden three times, as is the Persian tradition?

From one Frederick to another......


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Oh Lord my God,
Adoring Father and loving Mother,
You give your children
Many good gifts.
Restlessness to seek you
And Stillness where you can be found.
Hearts to yearn for and be filled by You,
Eyes to admire Your craftsmanship
Minds to ponder Your Glory,
Lips to pray and chant our love to you,
Faith to illumine our path
And feet to walk it
And hands to do Your will.

But one of your greatest gifts,
An complex, interwoven garment,
Of lives, intellects, and hearts and souls.
You grant us each other.
We are guides to the lost,
For we are all confused.
We are Healers and comforters,
For we are all wounded;
Comrades and Guardians,
For we are all vulnerable.
You give us wisdom to teach and explain,
For we are all ignorant.
You make us examples of courage and temperance,
Because we all become discouraged and tempted.
You grant us prophecy and activism,
Because we all fall short and need correction.

Thank you for many gifts,
For each way your manifest your Love.
Thank you for my family and friends and those with whom I work.
Thank you for the many guides of all kinds you send my way.
Thank you for your prophets throughout time and their wisdom that illumines my eyes to see you.
Thank you for the love and welcome of the Baha’i.
I am received far more than I deserve.
Thank you for the people of this forum and of my Baha’i friends on discord
A place of knowledge and encouragement and expression bound together by a love of You.
May I treat them with gratitude and thankfulness that comes from my love of you.

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