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Logical Proof of God

I need help finding strictly logical approach to proving the existence of God. I'm looking for an explanation (it can be a book, video, or whatever) that corresponds (preferably but not necessarily written by a Baha'i) to the teachings of the Baha'i Faith, but doesn't mention any religion or certain God/god(s). That way, people won't automatically assume I'm trying to convert them. An example of what I'd like is in William S. Hatcher's Minimalism, specifically pages 86 through 102. Now don't get me wrong, Hatcher's explanation is very logical, it may be a bit too scholarly for some, it's quite lengthy, and it's...for lack of a better description...too easy to call a bunch of gibberish. You can download it here for free to see what I mean:
I've also considered a little excerpt from another one of Hatcher's books: The Science of Religion. I don't know where to download a copy, but the main thing I have with this is although it may be shorter and less mathematical, some of the analogies could be argued that they couldn't be compared to a divine Being. For any of you who already have a copy of The Science of Religion, I'm talking about pages 21 through 24.
So....any suggestions?
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Have you seen this yet, Clex: Bah' Reference Library - Tablet to August Forel.

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Check out Decartes's theory on the existance of God.
He doubted his own existance. Then he thought if he can doubt and think then he (Decartes) exists. If he doubts, then he's uncertain, then he's incomplete. If he knows he's incomplete, then he has an idea of what perfection is like. Then there must be somebody that is perfect to compare his state of imperfection to. Therefore, God exists.
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Seems you have a conclusion and are looking for supporting facts. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
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People seem to like William Lane Criags Kalam Cosmological Argument (kCA). Its an argument many feel proves the possibility of a god logically.
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I feel that way about Superstring Theory.
A Cosmic Symphony.
Even Stephen Hawking believes in God.

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