1. MysticMonist

    Advent is coming

    "We, the two billion people currently on the planet, are living at a time when not only the pulpits of all the religions, but all things must be condemning us, each in that voice which, according to the Qur'án, God has given to all things: "God, Who giveth a voice to all things, hath given us a...
  2. A

    Advent and Discernment

    Hello friends! As I'm sure many of you know that this past Sunday marked the start of Advent for many Western Christians. Advent (from Latin adventus "coming") is season of spiritual preparation before Christmas in which Christians reflect on both the long-held messianic hopes of the children...
  3. Walrus

    The Advent of the Universal Auxiliary Language

    A thing I wrote for fun The Fulfilment of Prophecy, the Advent of the Universal Auxiliary Language This essay is written primarily for fun, to explore a love of religion, technology, prophecy, and unconventional thinking. Its premise and conclusions are proposed primarily to provoke thinking...