1. R

    Did Donald Trump & American Politicians get this message?

    This is from Baha'u'llah to every "Rulers of America and the Presidents of the Republics therein" Does the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States along with the Universal House of Justice ever send this to American Politicians? Ever? It seems everytime there's a new President or...
  2. Sen McGlinn

    American NSA changes ruling on primaries

    A letter issued by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States on April 5 corrects its previous ruling of March 8, which stated, “nor should we, even as an ‘independent,’ vote in primaries — the purpose of which is to elect delegates to political conventions.” This ruling...
  3. becky

    Wonderful American Baha'i Article

    Didn't know if everybody saw and read the terrific article in the American Baha'i, Nov-Dec issue about Dale Ramsdell and Baha'i communities efforts leading to successful farmer's market faith booth. Its a wonderful read!
  4. World Student

    Visiting the N.American Mashriqu'l-Adhkár

    Alláh-u-Abhá Dear Friends, As a part of learning more about the Baha'i faith, I've been considering a visit to Chicago for a visit to the North American Temple. Has anyone done this before as a part of their conversion process? For me, I feel it is very important to see this site in person and...
  5. EternalStudent9

    This is very worrying

    Americans' Attitudes Toward Muslims And Arabs Are Getting Worse, Poll Finds This is very worrying. According to this article, Democrats gave Arab-Americans a 30% unfavorable rating and Muslim-Americans a 33% unfavorable rating. Which is bad, but not awful. Republicans, on the other hand, gave...
  6. A

    North America the American Bahá’í?

    Can anybody say when was the last paper edition of the American Bahá’í magazine?
  7. D

    Native American Stories

    This Native American Stories thread can introduce perspectives from a very important portion of humanity as it relates to spirituality. I will begin the thread with some remarkable speeches from history to highlight how they perceived what was happening as they encountered "western...
  8. arthra

    Native American Baha'i Institute

    The Baha'i Faith in America - Bahai Faith | Baha'i Faith | United States Media Library For more information see: The Native American Baha'i Institute (NABI)
  9. N

    Where are the millions of American Baha'is?

    Apparently there are millions of Bahai's in the US? And this is the largest Baha'i forum in the world? How come there are only 2500 members? only one person viewing the general board right now. I participate in a hobby that is fairly unpopular and there are usually 30 people on that forum...
  10. nativetalismanart

    Native American Messenger of God

    I remember on an earlier thread there was mention of various Native Messengers of God including Deganawidah. Since that time, I took a class through the Wilmette Institute on the Kitabi-Iqan and Gems of Divine Mysteries and ended up writing a paper on Deganawidah as Native Messenger of God using...
  11. cire perdue

    Patriotic American Baha'i?

    I have recently run across several patriotic Baha'is who thought America was spreading civilization. I tend to think of it as materialism. I do not sit around criticizing this country, but I am aware of its faults and am very cynical about the government, professional politicians, and the...
  12. earthling155

    An American Baha'i

    I am a patriotic American Baha'i. I was born and raised in Wyoming and have lived all over the western USA. I was Baptized a Mormon at age 8. I grew up in an alcoholic family and became a drug addict. I got clean in a 12 step program and have not used any drugs for more than 19 years. I strive...
  13. Y

    A Native American Manifestation of God

    Abdu'l-Bahá (1844-1921) wrote that the "Call of God" was raised in the Americas in ancient times. This implies the existence of aboriginal divine messengers in the Americas. May I suggest, from the Baha'i perspective, three possible Manifestations of God in the Americas? This is the first one...
  14. shathaway

    1200 BC - 50 AD - American Continent

    1200 BC - 50 AD - American Continent Book: America BC Author: Barry Fell Barry Fell is a noted linguistic archaeologist and has documented findings that links many of the "native" American Indian cultures to language families of the Mediterranean. This is a good read. It can also hint at the...