1. M

    A Sincere Atheist Can Become A Member..

    I would guess that an Atheist who was sincere could approach the UHJ and request becoming a member (if that is the right term, I feel it isn't.) They could approach the UHJ and state, I am an Atheist, but I am sincerely drawn to the Teachings, especially about One World, One People, all people...
  2. Yusuf Mirza Ali

    Atheist Bahá'í

    Can somebody (preferably a Nontheistic bahai) explain what Atheistic/Nontheistic Bahá'í is? Afterlife, divinity of prophets, laws, why you are one (quotes please), etc etc
  3. SmilingSkeptic

    Ask an Atheist

    I like the topic Ask a Catholic, but because of time constraints feel woefully inadequate to really get into an in depth discussion there right now. But if you have questions for me I can try to get back to you soon.
  4. BlinkeyBill

    an atheist defends the Baha'is

    I would like to share this story on behalf of our dear friend SmilingSceptic, to show there are some wonderful Atheists in the world, apart from himself. An Atheist Defends the Baha'is
  5. SmilingSkeptic

    Atheist Marriage

    I'm going to go into this post with a massive disclaimer. First of all, I am NOT the author of the original post that I am bringing to your attention, nor do I agree with a good deal of his views and opinions. Second of all, as I may have stated before, my Baha'i girlfriend and I have an...
  6. M

    Response to Daylight Atheist post on theodicy

    Our friend SmilingSkeptic linked a post from Daylight Atheist I found intriguing: I thought I'd address part of Daylight Atheist's post: Yes, this is very true. To serve what is good, right, and true does entail...
  7. A

    Atheist Bahai Blog

    For non-theist Baha'is, The Ancient Beauty (I.e. Bahaullah) is the god mentioned by all religions. No Manifestations appear after the Ancient Beauty according to him. The Manifestations of the past are Manifestations of the Ancient Beauty (aka Bahaullah). More detail will be available at ...
  8. Sarastro

    Atheist Bahai

    Something that interests me: A number of time I have seen posts by people on this forum seeing to challenge the traditional theistic notions about God but at the same time being Bahai. In their claims seems to be something to go "beyond" theistic religion and almost, to use Heglian dialectics...
  9. SmilingSkeptic

    Come, let us reason together

    Hi everyone! My name is SmilingSkeptic and I've been a bit of a lurker on these forums before, reading up on some interesting topics. A while ago I met a wonderful Baha'i woman who I am now in a relationship with who introduced me to the Baha'i Faith. I was raised Christian and was seeker for a...
  10. M

    Interfaith Marriage between a Baha'i and an Atheist

    Hello, this is my first post to this forum, and I am after the thoughts and guidance of the wider Baha'i community on the issue of interfaith and cross-cultural marriage. I am very interested to hear your experiences, both good and bad. I would first like to disclose that I am an atheist, and...
  11. J

    Lurker Joins

    I read these forums from time to time, and I wanted to comment or question in the past, but I did not have a user name. I deliberately write here now so my first post does not end up being some emotional or aggressive response to an issue, such that, readers will ask themselves, "he joined just...
  12. BlinkeyBill

    Atheist has a change of heart

    Professor teaches about the Baha’i Faith | Daily Bruin Professor Nader SAIEDI teaches, in UCLA ( University of California, Los Angeles), about the Baha’i Faith, a minority religion that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. November 19, 2013 - amMore stories in Campus, News...
  13. D

    No Faith in the System

    "Atheists in Indonesia, who have gained little acceptance in a deeply religious society, often find themselves on the wrong side of the law It’s late on a muggy Sunday afternoon in a dimly lit coffee shop in south Jakarta. Many among those sipping cappuccinos use pseudonyms. The talk is about...
  14. TheThinker

    Video from The Atheist Experience

    One "new God" to unite them all. [ The Atheism Experience show #676] - YouTube Just found it randomly on YouTube. They are certainly talking about the Baha'i faith without knowing it. Do you think the caller represents the Baha'i faith right ? And if not, where are his mistakes ? And also...
  15. Fadl

    In memory of an atheist prophet

    Christopher Hitchens, author of 'God is not Great', and one of the loudest voices of neo-atheism passed away recently. He was an important man who brought to the front and center the very important issues of faith and spirituality. Here is a wonderful debate between him and Rabi Boteach: Full...
  16. S

    Atheist To Baha'i

    Hello Friends, I am new to the forums and I was wondering if there are any former atheists here who became Baha'i? And if so what is your story and reason for doing so?
  17. gusash

    A few questions, I'm relatively new

    Sorry guys, I'm new to this site and wasn't sure which category to place this question in: I'm also relatively new to the Baha'i Faith. I was originally raised by my mother on Buddhism. But that didn't completely work for me. My friend Isabel told me about the Baha'i Faith, and I've been into...