1. D

    Ministry of Intelligence questions a Bahai visiting Iran from Australia

    Ministry of Intelligence questions a Bahai visiting Iran from Australia "The Ministry of Intelligence in Tonekabon has summoned and questioned an Iranian-born Bahai who is now an Australian national, and who had returned to Tonekabon after an absence of 30 years to see his (or her) mother, who...
  2. RonPrice

    Australia TASMANIA: A Walk on the Wild side on Australia Day

    Part 1: Australia Day is a public holiday; the first one I experienced was in 1972, six months after I arrived here from Canada, at the age of 27. Whether you're in a city, as I was in 1972 in South Australia, on the coast in Western Australia as I was from 1986 to 1999, or in a regional area...
  3. arthra

    Baha'i House of Worship in Sydney Australia

    New video of the House of Worship in Sydney, Australia...:thumbsup: The Baha’i Temple in Sydney, Australia on Vimeo
  4. tonyfish58

    Ridvan Message from Prime Minister of Australia This is a great thing for the Faith :thumbsup: Regards Tony
  5. bwb

    Sydney, Australia Nov. 13-14 special commemorations

    Nationwide events will mark anniversary A nationwide series of events this month will mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of a woman who made a significant contribution to Australian religious history in general and to the national Baha’i Community in particular. Clara Dunn (1869-1960)...
  6. tonyfish58

    Allah'u'Abha from FNQ Australia

    Hi all - I became a Baha'i in 1984 and have lived in various parts of Australia. Have been sitting on the sidelines for many a year :blink I have read with interest a few of the posts. It seems that there are some persistent posters from the Christian background. I sometimes wonder if it is...
  7. RonPrice

    Australia Baha'i History in Western Australia

    Over a three year period from 2005 to 2007, I posted several instalments on a Baha'i history of Western Australia at a site entitled: THEHEYDAY.COM. That site was discontinued, revised under a new name and, for various reasons, my posts were lost or deleted due to problems associated with...
  8. RonPrice

    Hello From Tasmania Australia

    1. EMPLOYMENT & SOCIAL ROLES: 1943 To The Present 2009-2015-on an old-age pension 2006-2009-Present-writer & author, poet & publisher, editor & researcher, online blooger & journalist. Retired teacher & tutor, lecturer & adult educator, ice-cream salesman & taxi-driver in George Town Tasmania...
  9. arthra

    Australia Baha'is working to reconcile in Australia:

    Goonellabah woman off to hear PM say 'Sorry' 12.02.2008 By Alex Easton PRISCILLA WIGHTMAN does not remember a man holding a gun to her mother’s head as she was taken from her family. She doesn’t remember the raid by police, welfare officers and hospital staff on her%Moree mission, which...