1. S

    Textual Authority Within The Faith

    Greetings friends, I'm sorry if I'm opening a huge can of worms here which was already partially discussed in a previous thread asking the authority of the UHJ and the Guardian. During a gathering last night in celebration of the Declaration of the Bab, someone had mentioned that the Universal...
  2. S

    Authority Within The Baha'i Faith

    I ask this question with a desire to learn more about your faith. As a Catholic, authority is very meaningful to me. Could someone please explain how authority is structured within your faith community? Specifically I would like to ask: 1. Is there one authentic and authoritative...
  3. D

    Authority to say who a Baha'i is

    According to my understanding, Baha'u'llah has only given authority to the centre of His covenant, which today is the Universal House of Justice, to declare who is or is not Baha'i. Kind regards, Dan :)
  4. Jcc

    Women as the highest authority in the Faith

    I was going to call this thread women on the UHJ, but that would have been misleading. What we know about that subject is that women do not serve on the UHJ, and we don't know why (but will at some point in the future). But I was thinking, is there anything inherent about being a woman that...
  5. Y

    Conscience vs dogmatic authority

    "Certainly, if I am obliged to bring religion into after dinner toasts...I shall drink - to the Pope, if you please, - still to Conscience first, and to the pope afterwards...I wish for the intellect to range with the utmost freedom, and religion to enjoy an equal freedom...Conscience is a law...