1. A

    The moat that surrounded Tabríz, where the Báb's body was thrown?

    Here is a picture of the site of the moat that surrounded Tabríz, where the Báb's body was thrown: Bahá’í Media Bank I don’t get it. Why was it covered? What the use of a moat if it is covered with walls and ceiling?
  2. R

    "Cremation of Care" is a satanic mockery of The Bab's Martyrdom

    "Cremation of Care Ritual" is around the 2nd week of July ever year held in a little Redwood Grove along the Northern California Coastline (not far from former Universal House of Justice member Hooper Dunbar's complete art studio - lucky bastard talk about payout for "parable of talents"...
  3. T

    The Bab and Baha'u'llah

    I have been posting to Christians on other forums and I said that the Bab means the Gate and Baha'u'llah means the Glory of God and that fulfills certain prophecies in the OT. One woman said: which came first, the chicken or the egg? That is a legitimate question. Theoretically, if they were...
  4. M

    Bab's Laws

    In Abdul Baha's book, Makatib (Page 266), He talks about the gist and core of the religions of the past. He first talks about the core of the teachings of Moses. Then comes to Jesus and says the gist of His religion was brotherhood and kindness. The Comes to Mohammad and says the gist of His...
  5. Y

    What was the correct Islam sect before the bab?

    Out of curiosity... The shayki sect who predicted the bab was siyyid Kazim I'm guessing these were the most knowledgeable of the Muslims .. Did these guys pray 5x a day? How did there beliefs differ to modern Islam ? I'm curious if anyone has the answers
  6. tonyfish58

    Celebrating 200 Years Birth of Bab & Bahaullah

    Celebrating 200 Years Birth of Baha'u'llah Dear Friends this is the Picture for this Celebration. I guess we should use it on our signatures in all web posts? Regards Tony
  7. H

    Declaration of the Bab: New Video Presentation

    Beloved friends, see below for a new video presentation on the Declaration of the Bab. ElbDYjk3B_g
  8. neophyte

    Did the Bab call Subh-i Azal God?

    Hi all, I am still investigating the Faith. I have read that in His Will, the Bab referred to Subh-i Azal as God, suggesting that Azal was "He Who Shall Be Made Manifest." Would you please clarify this claim for me? Thank you for being patient with all my questions. :)
  9. Walrus

    Similarities between the Bab and Jesus

    So as I believe in the Unity of Religion, I do wander around my neighborhood and attend the services of other groups from time to time to see what can be learned from them. So following this practice I was at a Methodist Church service, and heard a sermon about John 1:35-42. In that bible...
  10. neophyte

    Did the Bab say Baha'u'llah would come in nine years?

    Hi all, I saw a claim somewhere that the Bab said that the next prophet would come nine years after the Bab, and that Baha'u'llah fulfilled this prediction. Is this true? If so, can this be verified? Is it something the Bab wrote down? Thank you.
  11. M

    The Bab and the Day of Judgment

    As i was reading Bayan now, I reached a part in which The Bab warns people about the day of judgment which will come AFTER Him. until now I was thinking that the Day of Judgment has started at the beginning of the declaration of the Bab because we say that the Bab is the same Qaim. can anyone...
  12. GoaForce

    The Bab is the Gate

    The Gate is at the centre of every Manifestation. The Alpha is at the centre of the Gate. Bêta - Alpha - Bêta. The Bêtas stand as two pillars. It is the Gate. The Alpha represents God and the divine world. It is what lies beyond the Gate. Ɛ ا B The name of Baha seems to have the same...
  13. I

    Revelation of the Bab

    When, where and how the Bab received His revelation? We know, Baha'u'llah received it in Ciyah chal. He saw a Maiden of Heaven. What about the story of the Bab?
  14. M

    Qaim <----> The Bab ?

    dear friends I saw today an Islamic Hadith about some signs of Qaim and I saw that one of the signs is that Imam Qaim will choose Mekka to be His ruling city; that is to say He will rule from Mekka. then I thought if someday I want to talk to Muslims about Baha'i faith, I must have enough...
  15. J

    Birth of the Bab and Baha'u'llah

    For the first time ever, the alignment of the Baha'i calendar in the east and the west is now in effect. It means that this year the Birth of the Bab will be celebrated the world over on Nov 13th, and the Birth of Baha'u'llah on Nov 14th. In honor, The Universal House of Justice has just...
  16. J

    Observing the Martyrdom of the Bab

    by Jaine Toth. Streaking across the heavens in 1843, a great comet alarmed many and served to validate the belief of others that the Second Coming of Christ was imminent. In that same year, poet James Russell Lowell wrote in “The Crisis” Once to every man and nation comes the moment to...
  17. D

    The Martyrdom of the Bab

    "Is There Yet No More?" Swimming in a sea of thoughts, waves washing away the shoreline of ancient customs, turning stone into sand, crashing idols against themselves and crushing them into dust. Discarding dead ideas, coughing up bloated beliefs and spitting them out one by one upon the...
  18. J

    Fate of those who persecuted the Bab & His Shrine

    The fate of Those Who Persecuted the Bab, Who Opposed the Construction of His Shrine and Threatened Its Destruction: Muhammad Shah, who disregarded the appeal of the Bab to meet Him in person and plead His Cause, sustained a sudden reverse of fortune, and succumbed, at the age of forty, to a...
  19. N

    Declaration of the Bab!

    I hope you all have a good holiday. I do not know if it is technically Azamat 7 yet, but it will be soon, if not. "I am the Primal Point from which have been generated all created things." -The Bab
  20. Walrus

    Anyone have English translations of the Bab's Scriptures??

    Wondering if anyone can point me to English-language translations of some of the Bab's books (not just "Excerpts" but full books). I've read Bible, Pentateuch, and Koran. I'm working on the Gita and occasionally I attempt the Avesta. But it bugs me that I can't get a hold of the Bayan in a...