1. S

    The people who made Frontiers of Learning

    Hi, Does anyone know who made the Frontiers of Learning film? It was made for the World Centre, but who were the people or what production company made it? I am a film maker myself and would like to get in touch with these people, as I adore their work and want to do something of a similar...
  2. D

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Keyvan Dehqani begins his sentence in Mashhad

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Keyvan Dehqani begins his sentence in Mashhad HRANA, November 25, 2013 'Keyvan Dehqani ( کیوان دهقانی ), a Bahai from Isfahan, was taken to Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad on November 14, to begin serving his...
  3. D

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Home searches and arrest of a Baha'i youth in Semnan

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Home searches and arrest of a Baha'i youth in Semnan HRANA, November 21, 2013 'Security agents have raided homes and arrested young Bahais in Semnan, under the pretext of enforcing the military service law...' Read more here: Home searches and arrest of Bahai youth in Semnan...
  4. D

    Baha'i World News Service: UN calls on Iran to live up to its human rights promises

    UN calls on Iran to live up to its human rights promises 19 November 2013 'UNITED NATIONS — Today's vote expressing concern over Iran's continued human rights violations demonstrates that the international community will not be swayed by mere promises of improvement, said the Baha'i...
  5. D

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Several detentions and one arrest in Ahwaz

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Several detentions and one arrest in Ahwaz HRANA, November 11, 2013 'Shamim Ruhani ( شمیم روحانی ), a Bahai from Ahvaz (a city in the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates) was arrested by agents from the Ministry of...
  6. D

    Sen's Daily: Signs of hope for Baha'is in Iran

    Sen's Daily: Signs of hope for Baha'is in Iran Editorial, November 9, 2013 'On October 29, Ayatollah Seyyed Hussein Sadr ( آيتالله سيد حسين صدر ), whose voice carries considerable weight in the Shiah world, issued a fatwa stating that God has commanded us (Muslims) to have good relationships...
  7. D

    One arrest in Isfahan

    Daneshjoo News, October 22, 2013 Elham Mauqen (الهام موقن), a Bahai from Isfahan, was arrested in recent days following a raid by security forces on his home..." Read more here: One arrest in Isfahan | Sen's daily
  8. D

    Arrest and Long Detention in Marvdasht County

    "HRANA, October 11, 2013 On September 11, 2013, Hassan Badhrafkan ( حسن بذرافکن ), a Bahai resident of Marvdasht country (in Fars Province), was arrested by security agents. The agents searched his home and seized a computer and...
  9. RonPrice

    Home Visits: Local Baha'i Culture

    INFORMATION ABOUT STATISTICS ON HOME VISITS FROM THE GEORGE TOWN BAHA’I GROUP(REG.) (21 October 2007 to 21 April 2009) Preamble: After 18 months(10/07 to 4/09) of discussing, defining and redefining the term Home Visits(HV) at our Bahá'í Group(Reg.) level, as well as collecting data for...
  10. S

    Handmade Nine Pointed Star

    Handmade with chenille stems. From
  11. RonPrice

    Australia The bridge

    Four months after the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on 19 March 1932 another bridge closed in the Baha’i World. The last remnant of the Heroic Age, the treasured Remnant of Baha’u’llah, Bahiyyih Khanum, passed to the Great Beyond.(1) The date was 15 July 1932. The Baha’is refer to her...
  12. EternalStudent

    North America Any Baha'i here from Arkansas?

    Hi, I'm Alex, and I'm from Arkansas. I'm new to the Baha'i Faith, and I was wondering if there was anyone here from my state? Possibly from the community in Beebe? (I live between Searcy and Batesville, so Beebe is the closest Baha'i community to me.)
  13. M

    Bahais from Norway

    Allahuabha, Are there any Baha'is from Norway here? I might find myself in Norway soon, so I thought I could know more about the country. Is it possible to know more about Norway, people and the culture in its various dimentions? I know I can get the info perhaps from some other guy ... but a...
  14. D

    Ordination of Married Men and Women

    There was an interesting article in the herald sun today about an ousted Catholic priest "Father Peter Kennedy", who questioned the forced retirement of one of the most senior men in the church in Queensland (Australia). 1 The prematurely retired bishop Morris, had been among a handful of...
  15. RonPrice

    The Ridvan Message of 2011: A Context

    I have just completed a working draft of an essay entitled: The Ridvan Message of 2011: A Context. It can be located at: Ridvan Message 2011: A Context or Ron Price - Pioneering Over Five Epochs This second URL is my website and readers should scroll down to the relevant hyperlink in green...
  16. S

    Atheist To Baha'i

    Hello Friends, I am new to the forums and I was wondering if there are any former atheists here who became Baha'i? And if so what is your story and reason for doing so?
  17. gusash

    Please explain some terms, such as- gospels, etc

    Simple. I've been reading "Some Answered Questions" and have come across some terms, places and people I don't understand/haven't heard/learnt about. These include: -gospels -Gospel the Pharisees -Pentateuch -Gospel -viziers -Karbilá (I think it was a place in Persia) -Najaf (think it was a...
  18. RonPrice

    Snow White and the Seven Year Plan: 1937

    ANIMATION AND THE PLAN The first cinematic environmental hero may have been in Walt Disney’s nine minute animated film Little Hiawatha released on 15 May 1937. This was at the very start of the first Bahá'í teaching plan; in fact, the film went into theatres as the delegates left the national...
  19. RonPrice

    Australia Baha'i History in Western Australia

    Over a three year period from 2005 to 2007, I posted several instalments on a Baha'i history of Western Australia at a site entitled: THEHEYDAY.COM. That site was discontinued, revised under a new name and, for various reasons, my posts were lost or deleted due to problems associated with...
  20. jayhawkins

    In need Help For A School Paper

    Hello, My name is Jay. I'm a college student and I have to do an assignment on a world religion and I chose the Baha'i Faith. However me not being a member of the Baha'i Faith I have not been able to find a person to interview about the religion. I called the office in my city and they told me...