1. M

    Any Baha'is live in Cook Islands or Malaysia?

    Allaho Abha everyone. first of all, I should apologize for my little contribution to the posts here. I don't know if you have heard the news or not, but my country is, at the moment, experiencing severe problems, everyday riots, mass killings, etc etc, and it has made it hard to think...
  2. Baha'i Faith

    Surge in persecution of Baha’is across Iran raises alarm

    23 November 2018 Members of the Baha’i community in Iran have been faced in recent weeks with a new wave of intensified persecution—including arrests, discriminatory court verdicts, and shop closures—for merely practicing their faith, the Baha’i International Community has learned. More than...
  3. O

    Questions about the Baha'i stance on polygamy?

    I am a baha'i that likes to search for truth and understanding so I was searching around and found some quotes on polygamy: “Know thou that polygamy is not permitted under the law of God, for contentment with one wife hath been clearly stipulated. Taking a second wife is made dependent upon...
  4. S

    Correction for the video War and Peace with Baha'i quotations

    I have seen that the links for the videos are only playing part 1. Therefore I send the individual links for all 4 videos (english): part 1: 1rko1p0kQCo part 2: Ditw1IsqRO0 part 3: Ld5Sw0UAZ5w part 4: ErERgfhPqgE On the YouTube channel are playlists for the english, german and greek...
  5. R

    Organic Burial Pods & Bahai burial laws

    rt50qcAFcrw Is there a way this can work for a Bahai Burial?
  6. S

    War and Peace (video with Baha'i quotations)

    On the 21st of September is the UN International Day of Peace, which may offer the chance to talk to people about this topic. On YouTube you can find a new video (4 parts) about war and peace with Baha'i quotations (in english, german and greek): English: 1rko1p0kQCo German: SLzCWz3F_Uc...
  7. tonyfish58

    Interesting Times - Be a Baha'i

    Well the world is throwing us a lot of curve balls ;) In these times, silence seems to be Golden! Then this quote comes to mind. :o "These are the days of my farewell to you, for I am sailing on the fifth of the month. Wherever I went in this country, I returned always to New York City. This...
  8. B

    How to convert into Bahá'í in my country

    I'm currently living in the Philippines and would like to do this. Can anyone there show me how to? Many thanks and it is very nice to meet you all!
  9. R

    Math and physics of Greatest Name: Retracing Marko Rodin's Bahai research

    c42vXYykm6s I'm trying to find some of the core quotes in the Bahai Writings Marko Rodin discovered in Kitabi Iqan.
  10. R

    Is Bahai Prayer like "a Circle of the Magician"?

    Personally I find this eccentric Nordic Shaman's video "Drawing of the Magician" BEAUTIFUL Drawing the Circle of the Magician r4o6vGU49uA and IT REMINDS ME of a prayer by the Bab where it seems the Bab uses this prayer in a form as Pentacle. Perhaps There seems to be magical Sigils and...
  11. T

    Is the Bahai Faith the first religion meant for the whole of humanity?

    I have been learning about the Bahai Faith and have read that humanity is like a student and religions are like different grades in school and as the student (humanity) matures we are ready for new rules and teachings. Does that mean that every previous religion was meant for everyone? I can't...
  12. Y

    Bahá'í view black magic? Excorcisms?

    Bahá'í view on black magic? Excorcisms? Is it true the Bahá'í faith does not view black magic as a reality.. What should one think of excorcism videos? Is it just the power of the subconscious mind?
  13. J

    My New Baha'i Website.

    Hey, everyone! I just built my own Baha'i website on go daddy. I shared my conversion experience on my own personal website. I also put cool Baha'i videos on there and pictures. :thumbsup:Here's the link: Let me know what you guys think about my new website! I'm...
  14. W

    mental health in the bahai faith

    Any prayers that will help me overcome my depression and anxiety? I'm having anxiety about the future and where my degree will land me. I feel like I've made a massive mistake by not doing what I love and now there's no way to undo it.
  15. jupitermadcat

    The Baha'i Faith and Alcohol Consumption

    Hello Everyone, I know i have heard the Faith forbids The consumption of alcohol. my question is this rule a convent breaker type of rule? or use your own discretion. reason i ask is i have seen certain celebrity baha'is Eva LaRue for one who partakes in Alcohol drinks time to time i assume...
  16. J

    Is there an unforgivable sin in the Bahai religion?

    Hey, my fellow Baha'is! I have a good question to discuss. Is there an unforgivable sin in the Bahai religion? I read in Christianity that it's not taking God's name in vain. I read that God can forgive you for that. I read it was an evil person trying to rebel against God and discredit God and...
  17. K

    Who wants to become a guest DJ on a Baha'i Radio?

    Hello all! My favorite Baha'i radiostation MyStar95 offers its listeners to become a guest DJ for 2 hours on a Friday night. Use this great opportunity to share the music you like and impress your friends. I've already filled out the form on their website, where I've picked 10 songs that I...
  18. J

    I Just Became a Bahai!

    Hello all Bahai's! I just declared my faith in Bahaullah today and became a Bahai!:D After a lot of thought and consideration I finally done it. :thumbsup:
  19. C

    The Baha'i and the New World Order

    Good evening to everyone, i'm Ivan and i'm happy to be here. Sorry if i had to write in a bad way, but i'm italian and i don't know well english. I'd like to ask you something about the relatianship between Baha'i and the Rotschild family: is it true that Abdu'l Baha had relationship with it...
  20. A

    Bahai Faith according to sufi's

    Hi, I want to share that I have read some books of sufis's from 19th and 20th century who have mystical experiences, and they described life after death places, lohe mahfooz, sidra tul manta where all creatures pray etc. and meet with Hazart Muhammad and prophets of old, but they said that...