1. W

    Do Baha'is have altars or prayer corners in their homes?

    And if so, what do they typically look like?
  2. R

    How Bahais win the Lottery Jackpot with Prayer

    This is tongue and cheek facetiousness to some degree for people with a sense of humor, but with some important spiritual lessons: In America right now there is a Lottery where if someone wins the jackpot they win this: $ 522 MILLION Cash Option: $308 million Imagine the Bahai Fund if a...
  3. Babism

    New moon festival, why bahais forgot about it? Don’t burden the Days but worship God and follow Jesus in each day Posted on July 21, 2018 by pawelsz Should we worship God in New Moon? Yes (Psalm 81:3) “blow the trumpet...
  4. R

    How do Bahais justify controversial Lifestyles of Manifestations of God

    How do Bahais justify or rationalize controversial Lifestyles of Manifestations of God? such as: Baha'u'llah's polygamy and the weird 2nd and 3rd wives and his traitorous children sired from his 2nd and 3rd wives ? Abraham traumatizing the living $#*! out of one his sons by almost...
  5. R

    For BAHAIS Astrology a SCIENCE YET? Fetched from Ocean program

    For BAHAIS is Astrology a SCIENCE YET? Writings Fetched from Ocean program Personally I've discovered thorough synchronicities between personalities and events and patterns in horoscopes of tropical western astrology. Is astrology not a science yet? It seems Shoghi Effendi condemns astrology...
  6. Y

    UHJ not following Bahaullah and Abdul bahais adultery law

    UHJ and adultery law Im sure Bahaullah and abdul baha have stated that adultery will nullify the year of patience and the financial support so wondering why the UHJ don't follow what they wrote
  7. T

    What were Baha'is before they were Baha'is?

    I have been conversing with a nonbeliever on forums for a long time. He calls himself an atheist but he is really more of a skeptic. He does not believe God exists because he wants proof. For a long time, I have been telling him that Baha'u'llah was the evidence that God exists, but he...
  8. gnat

    Those Early Bahá'ís...

    When looking back, I'm struck by the attitudes of those early Bahá'ís. Those issues that today seem to be of enoromous importance, such as homosexuality, did not impress them very much: Gay Today: People Best, from gnat
  9. Y

    Do bahais have to eat 'lawful' meat

    Bahaullah says we must invoke the name of God before hunting or the meat is unlawful? Is this just regarding hunting? I'm confused weather this means I can't eat meat from a hunter who has not invoked the name of God before hunting. Or is this just if you hunt with beasts birds or prey ... "If...
  10. Y

    Free bahais? Forged will?

    I came across some information as I'm new to the Baha'i faith, that shogi effendi forged the will of abdul baha and broke the convenant by not writing a will this was from a group who name themselves free bahais who believe in Bahaullah and abdul baha and from there say it's corrupted ? I can...
  11. C

    Why do Bahá'ís believe "Bahá'u'lláh" was the one who was promised in the Bayán?

    Why do Bahá'ís believe "Bahá'u'lláh" was the one who was promised in the Bayán? I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am looking into both sides of this issue, and the Bahá'ís I've asked this to haven't given me much of an answer so far :/ What are your scriptural proofs...
  12. Babism

    Challenge for haifan baha'is

    We doesn't need infallible prophets, leaders, guardians, mediators etc. 1. Prophets are sinners and their has fallen sometimes, but God used them as tools to preachs his Holy Word. 2. Our leader is God alone, human being is not worth of Worship, man is not God 3. You should think...
  13. Babism

    Golden Rule

    New blog of Nazarethan Baha'i Faith All are welcome to comment and have own opinion
  14. camachoe

    Do Bahais observe any shabbat?

    Dedicating certain day of the week to spiritual pursuits and physical restoration is essential for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews do it the seventh day of the week, most Christians on the first day and Muslims on the sixth. Did Baha'u'llah make any recommendation on this regard? If a...
  15. tonyfish58

    Baha'is of Iran launch new web site

    What great news and I wish the Baha'is and People of Iran all the best in the year's to come. Baha'is of Iran website launches - Bahá'í World News Service Regards Tony
  16. M

    A plea to my fellow Baha'is regarding political posts

    I sent this to my cluster email list, but think the message is also important for Baha'is here. Dear fellow Baha'is, I've noticed a lot of Baha'is in the last week posting about the election and about the president-elect on social media such as Facebook and blogs. Most of it extremely...
  17. gnat

    A Hard Time for Many Bahá'ís

    Many Bahá'ís have identified the liberal, political New World Order with our New World Order. That tendency has been quite strong for several decades. Now, when the present world order is at stake, there is a rather strong bad mood among Bahá'ís. Well, free trade and the present arrangements for...
  18. I

    Chaste Bahá'is

    I'm a Bahá'i struggling with porn and masturbation and wondering if there are others who would like to join my newly-created Slack team called, "Chaste Bahá'is". The purpose is to provide accountability and support to each other. For those of you who are not familiar with Slack, it has an app...
  19. T

    Can Baha'is use alcohol tinctures?

    Hello all! I am a practitioner of Traditional Medicine. I have a couple patients that are also Baha'is. There is a herbal company that I use that has herbal tinctures made with alcohol. The alcohol can be evaporated in hot water without changing the therapeutic effect of the herbs. Also, I...
  20. Thomas

    Have we Baha'is let the world down?

    The world, it seems to me, to be sick. No matter what corner of the world I look at, I see great numbers of people to be sad, living daily in unnecessary hardships, with all the killings that are happening in the world today, whether sectarian, religious, or otherwise. There seems to be a hike...