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    Bahá'í view black magic? Excorcisms?

    Bahá'í view on black magic? Excorcisms? Is it true the Bahá'í faith does not view black magic as a reality.. What should one think of excorcism videos? Is it just the power of the subconscious mind?
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    Woody Black Cloud passes to Abha

    Woody *From the east?!!" "Two years we've been waiting for this. The medicine man said a black cloud would go from the west to the east, and we would go with that black cloud and hear about the two Spirit Messengers from the east who have come to unite all the tribes and people of the earth"...
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    Baha'i prophet hates black people

    Human Equality in the Bahai Faith AZADEH HAIATI, OCTOBER 2008 FEEDBACK PRINT According to Baha’i proponents "the unity of humanity transcending all divisions of race, nation, gender, caste and social class, while celebrating human diversity" [1] is one the most important and central teachings...
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    Baha'i founder calls black people cows

    "....For instance, you see the blacks in Africa who are in fact cows that God has created in the shape of human beings, and then you see the blacks of America, who are smart, civilized and cultured. Visiting schools and assemblies of blacks in Washington, during this trip, and having extensive...
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    Baha'i prophet calls Black people cows!

    I know this forum dies without my awesome comments, so I did some digging :) I'm sure Baha'is will argue that that's not what he meant and he was actually trying to talk about human unity LOL Talks of Abdul-Baha in Europe and America, Abdul-Baha, p. 203 For instance, you see the blacks in...