1. jupitermadcat

    Books by Bahá’u’lláh

    Question, Hypothetically of course If you were told you you could only own one book by Bahá’u’lláh which one would it be and Why.
  2. B


    Books worth of reading
  3. GoaForce

    GoaForce's ideas to spread your books.

    Hello, people of Baha. Introduction Spreading a religion is spreading its scriptures. But I will not talk of the religion, only of the books. People can have Baha'i books, and be willing to possess some without wanting to become Baha'is. There was a time when any gentlemen in Europe used to...
  4. S

    Books Revealed by God

    Hello, friends. after reading through the Qur'an, I ended up thinking of a question. The Tawrat/Torah was given to Moses. The Zabur/Psalms were given to David. The Injeel/Gospel was given to Jesus. The Qur'an was given to Muhammad. If these were all the words of God, were there any books of...
  5. A

    Non-Baha'i books

    Please share which have touched and why you were touched? I look forward to your responses while I consider my own:thumbsup:
  6. gnat

    Children's Books and Other

    Have you ever reflected on the differences between children's books of a hundred years ago and today? As I have two little girls, I sometimes consider this. I look at what my children bring home from the library and compare those books to the old classics. So, I decided to bring home two real...
  7. M

    Distortion in Jewish and Christianity holy books

    My dear friends I am interested to know the Baha'i belief about possible distortions in Christianity and Jewish holy books. what is the Baha'i point of view? in Islam it is believed that previous books are distorted. this is clearly stated in a line in Quran Quran 3:78 And indeed, there is...
  8. Romane

    Electronic Baha'i Books and References

    Good morning In another thread a few minutes ago, I promised to compile a bit of a list where electronic versions of Baha'i books (Sacred or otherwise) could be had for no cost. Anyone else finds one not mentioned here, if they can add it, so if needed all these links to references are in one...
  9. D

    FORTY in the Holy Books

    Please dear friends comment on what this means to you concerning how frequently the number FORTY appears significant in many scriptures, how it ties into the Baha'i Faith in fulfillment of prohetic events since ancient times. Thank you, Allah'u'Abha FORTY Forty (40) . There is something...
  10. Rani

    Best books for introducing the Faith to a seeker with a christian background

    Hi Friends, As the title indicates I'm looking for suggestions about the best introductory books for those with a christian background. I know someone in the UK (Scotland) who wants to investigate the Faith, and I am in Australia. I've decided to send him a small gift, but am unsure which...
  11. jupitermadcat

    Free books

    I don't know if anyone of you know about this but this is a site where you can obtain free books for your Kindle. Bahá
  12. Rani

    Books by Baha'u'llah

    Dear Friends, There are a couple of books by Baha'u'llah that I haven't read, namely, 'Call to Remembrance', and 'The Reality of Man'. I haven't read The Summons of the Lord of Hosts' either, but have had a quick browse through it. I was wondering if any friends had comments on either of...
  13. arthra

    Recently published Baha'i books...

    "Baha'i Prayers and Readings" published by Baha'i Publications Australia this year 2011 is a treat.. Lovely tooled leather cover.. The most elaborate I've seen and so fitting for a beautiful compilation of Prayers and Writings! Also has the important Tablet of Ahmad, Tablet of the Holy...
  14. P

    Necessary Books

    Heeeeeeelllooo(: I'm turning fifteen in about a year, which means it's time for me to sign up as an official member of the Baha'i faith(: [yes, i'm terribly excited.] I was wondering, now that I've downloaded what seems to be the entire library of Baha'i authoritive texts to my nook, where do...
  15. tonyfish58

    The Burning of Books

    Given the unfortunate news current in the press re this subject, I though I would start this post. The direction on this matter has been given by Baha'u'llah as the following quote extract indicates (Bold type added) - "The unbelievers and the faithless have set their minds on four things...
  16. triksel

    Are the holy books really holy?

    There are so many contradictions in the holy books. Have you seen them? What do you think about them? Most of the stories written in the holy books were already engraved on Sumerian tablets. What if the rules (such as adultery, jihad etc.) and the stories (such as adam and eve, noah's ark, Job...
  17. Jafar

    Favorite Baha'i Books?

    Kitab'i'Iqan--that book changed me more then anything else i've read, i think. Seven Valleys Secret of Divine Civilization World Order Letters its been awhile since i've looked at some of these books, though. what is everyone elses experiences?