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    Is it acceptable to set boundaries with others?

    Meaning, is it permissible to tell someone that you will have contact with them if and only if they are respectful towards you?
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    The Boundaries of Kindness

    I Have often read in Baha'i scripture that we should walk with the people of earth in kindness and friendliness; that we should like all people and try to help them as much as possible. But there is also the lines which talk about not loving those who deny the Beauty of the Beloved. I read just...
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    The Beauty of the Divine - crossing interfaith boundaries

    "Saint John of the Cross speaks of God in many ways. Most basic is God as eternal, infinite Being. Present in the simplicity of God's unique, changeless being are innumerable attributes such as infinite beauty, infinite wisdom, infinite goodness, and infinite light. By contrast with the infinite...