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    Brother charged for assault with weapon in Newmarket

    Hi guys, My little brother Tom is 15 years now. He got charged for assault with weapon last week. Tom was playing football match hosted in his school. In between the play one of the players from the opponent team came to argue with him regarding penalty goal. Tom got really angry and he...
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    Prayers for our beloved Catholic brother Sojourner aka Steve

    Dear God watch over and protect our dear brother Steve through his cardiac surgery. Grant him a speedy recovery as you are the supreme physician. Let him and his family feel the warmth of your omnipresence. Allah'u'abha. Aidan
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    Learning from our Catholic brother Yeshua

    I want to single out our Catholic brother Yeshua. If you read Yeshua's posts, he shares his interpretation of the truths of the Catholic faith in such a beautiful way. He looks for commonalities between the Catholic teaching and Baha'i teaching, he never tries to show how the Catholic beliefs...