1. D

    My Wilmette Institute course on Buddhism

    This is what I have learned so far from my Wilmette Institute course on Buddhism, from my notes Like in Baha'u'llah's case there was a dream that said that one day the Buddha would be a great man. We don't know in Buddha's case whether this actually happened or not. I don't believe the part of...
  2. A

    Is Buddhism theistic?

    I'm confused about this and have not found a definitive answer
  3. EternalStudent

    Buddhism and God

    Usually Buddhism is described as being atheistic. Baha'is, of course, believe that Buddhism was originally theistic, as the Buddha is seen as a Manifestation of God. But almost everyone else, including most Buddhists, are under the impression that Buddhism (modern Buddhism, of course) is...
  4. Y

    Ashoka: The Establisher of Buddhism

    Is there any mention of Emperor Ashoka in the Baha'i Writings? I am amazed at how far ahead of his time this man was. He was so humanistic, such a radiant exemplar of the Buddha's teachings. He surely must count as one of, if not thee greatest, of all world leaders. His life acts as a...
  5. Livindesert

    Beautiful quote from Buddhism's Lotus Sutra

    I, too, am like a father to the world, Saving all from suffering and woe. But to living beings, inverted as they are, I speak of cessation, although I actually remain. Otherwise, because they often see me, They would grow arrogant and lax. Unruly and attached to the five desires, They would...
  6. Y

    Buddhism - Common ground with Christianity and the Baha'i Faith

    In this thread I will be focusing on the compatibility of many Buddhist concepts with that of the beliefs my own faith, Christianity in a spirit of tolerance and love. Baha'is, may likewise, contribute to this thread by focusing likewise on the areas in which there is crossover between the...
  7. E

    Teaching the Bahai Faith to Nichiren Buddhists

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice, or could point me to something online or in print, that could help me teach the Baha'i Faith to a Nichiren Buddhist, specificly an American convert to the Soka Gokkai brand of buddhism. I was not really aware of this brand of buddhism but I have been...
  8. arthra

    Abdul-Baha on Buddhism

    Abdul-Baha recounts a teaching of Buddha to HIs disciples that is not widely known...Read the bold print below: Buddhism Some referred to the teaching of Buddha. Abdu'l-Bahá said: The real teaching of Buddha is the same as the teaching of Jesus Christ. The teachings of all the Prophets are the...