1. L

    Baha'i and christian? Problems..

    Hi. So first of all, i heard about baha'i just few weeks ago. I met this nice guy earlier, and we've been seeing and texting a lot. This week we had a date, and we ended up having sex. _After_ that happened, this guy told me I was his first one. I was suprised, we're at our late twenties so I...
  2. N

    What is a Christian!

    What is a Christian? (Steve Atwood) - YouTube
  3. Romane

    To our Christian visitors

    May this Day of celebration of the Birth of His Holiness Christ, be one filled with the Spirit of His Peace, and the days ahead with the Essence of His Love. My warmest greetings Romane
  4. D

    ‘Allah’ Means ‘God,’ Unless You’re a Christian in Malaysia

    ‘Allah’ Means ‘God,’ Unless You’re a Christian in Malaysia "“Allah” can no long be used by a Christian newspaper in Malaysia to refer to “god” after a landmark court ruling on Monday, reversing a decision made four years previously that maintained the term transcended different faiths. “It is...
  5. potato skillet

    Banned from many Christian forums

    Well, I went on a Catholic forum with good intentions yesterday and was banned within 12 hours. I think it had something to do with the fact that I said that smoking in moderation and then quitting is okay if you know it's not bad for your health. Now I'm a "known spammer" and won't be accepted...
  6. Rani

    Best books for introducing the Faith to a seeker with a christian background

    Hi Friends, As the title indicates I'm looking for suggestions about the best introductory books for those with a christian background. I know someone in the UK (Scotland) who wants to investigate the Faith, and I am in Australia. I've decided to send him a small gift, but am unsure which...
  7. T

    Going to a christian church

    We haven't been going for a long time but last week we went to a baptist church in the area and it the people were lovely, however I felt quit awkward because they focused so strongly on the trinity, referring to Jesus as god in their music and preaching. This morning she wanted to go again, at...
  8. M

    Christian preacher talking about

    This morning before I viewed cbs sunday morning, there was a tv preacher saying that there were written content in the christian bible no longer relevant, except the spiritual teachings were always relevant . I thought how refreshing that some in Christianity were beginning to see Baha'i...
  9. Y

    David Cameron says the UK is a Christian country

    I'm THRILLED by this! There's a perception held by many Americans we Brits are (and I quote) "a bunch of secular humanists and atheists". BBC News - David Cameron says the UK is a Christian country David Cameron says the UK is a Christian country David Cameron has said the UK is a...
  10. Y

    Beliefnet quiz: What kind of Christian are you?

    What Kind of Christian Are You? - I got:
  11. arthra

    Baha'is call for release of Christian pastor

    Baha'i International Community calls for release of Christian pastor facing death sentence GENEVA, 4 October 2011 (BWNS) – The Baha'i International Community has joined the call for the release of Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor from Rasht, Iran. Pastor Nadarkhani, who is the...
  12. ConureDelSol

    Answering Christian Apologetics Regarding the Ba'hai Faith

    So last night I finally talked to my mother about my adventures delving into the Ba'hai faith. What changed was that I visited a Ba'hai couple near my house and I honestly feel that God led me to them. There are various reasons, but I'll go into that in another post. I didn't want to put...
  13. G

    Christian to Agnostic to Pantheist to... Bahai

    I've recently gone through some spiritual learning, a taste of enlightenment perhaps... I seek help or guidance or companionship in my journey. I believe the Bahai faith may be what I have been seeking, especially in that I recently stumbled upon the "Force" if you will, that which connects us...
  14. D

    Ordination of Married Men and Women

    There was an interesting article in the herald sun today about an ousted Catholic priest "Father Peter Kennedy", who questioned the forced retirement of one of the most senior men in the church in Queensland (Australia). 1 The prematurely retired bishop Morris, had been among a handful of...
  15. cire perdue

    Christian questions?

    It is apparent that any Christian belief that seems to be contradicted by the Baha'i Faith can be found to have scriptual references that "prove" it. Of course our explanation and that verse will be rejected and there will be references 100's of years old to rebut the Baha'i position, because...
  16. D

    Bahai & Christian Faith

    Hey Baha'is, I myself have encountered numerous talks with a Baha'i and your faith seems really interesting however I have a few questions about the differences between Christianity & Baha'i. Okay first of all, the thing I find with this faith is your teachings are made up of bits and pieces of...
  17. Y

    Earliest Christian writings in existence POSSIBLY UNCOVERED FROM CAVE IN JORDAN

    BBC News - Jordan battles to regain 'priceless' Christian relics This could turn out to be of mammoth importance for Christians, Messianic Jews, Muslims, Baha'is and all others who regard Jesus as a prophet/enlightened teacher. I was so excited when I read this today! If they are...
  18. Y

    Rashh-i-'Amá and the "Cloud of Unknowing" (Christian Mystical Text)

    The Rashh-i-'Amá (literally the "Sprinkling of the Cloud of Unknowing") is the first extant tablet written by Bahá’u’lláh in 1852. It is a poem of 20 verses in Persian, written when Bahá’u’lláh was imprisoned in the Síyáh-Chál in Tehran, after he received a vision of a Maid of Heaven, through...
  19. Y

    Abdul-Baha on what it means to be a true Christian

    For me, this is stunning! Amen, amen I say to thee :thumbsup:
  20. Y

    Hi I'm a Christian

    Hello! I'm a Christian, of the Roman Catholic denomination (although I am turning more and more to the Orthodox Church). I have an interest in and love for all religions and naturally I find the Baha'i Faith to be a very beautiful, spirit-filled religion. I particularly like the fact that the...