1. M

    Distortion in Jewish and Christianity holy books

    My dear friends I am interested to know the Baha'i belief about possible distortions in Christianity and Jewish holy books. what is the Baha'i point of view? in Islam it is believed that previous books are distorted. this is clearly stated in a line in Quran Quran 3:78 And indeed, there is...
  2. BlinkeyBill

    For Baha'is interested in understanding Christianity.

    I would like to draw to everyones attention a most interesting thread in the Planet Baha'i forum, under General discussion, An Orthodox Christian Perspective, by Superduck '05 (Raistlin 43) He has come into that forum in a most kind and generous manner, to explain his churches belief, so as to...
  3. M

    Resurrection in early Christianity

    Why People are Confused about the earliest Christian View of Resurrection of the Dead? | TaborBlog
  4. D

    Shoghi Effendi: How Baha'is view Christianity

    'As to the position of Christianity, let it be stated without any hesitation or equivocation that its divine origin is unconditionally acknowledged, that the Sonship and Divinity of Jesus Christ are fearlessly asserted, that the divine inspiration of the Gospel is fully recognized, that the...
  5. S

    Channel and a website to introduce Christians to the Faith

    This is a special message to those who are well versed in the Bible, to film makers who are inspired by the Bahá'í teachings and to website designers. But even though you are none of these you can be involved with this project: Dear friends, Wouldn't it be good to have a website and a YouTube...
  6. S

    Is Islam more progressive than Christianity?

    "... Muhammadanism is not only the last of the world religions, but are fuller Revelation than any one preceding it. The Qur'án is not only more authoritative than any previous religious gospel, but it contains also much more ordinances, teachings and precepts, which taken together constitute a...
  7. Y

    The Baha'i Faith and Early Christianity: Movements of Universal Love and Pluralism

    The following words of Mahmoud Ayoub, commenting on the significance of Early Christianity as an inclusive and universalist movement stemming from a culture that had become exclusivist and insular, I think are pertinent to the discussion of the Baha'i Faith's emergence from the Shi'ite Islam of...
  8. ahanu

    The Inevitability of the Rise of Progressive Christianity

    It is inevitable that Christians who would now be described as "liberal" will be the overwhelming majority of Christians in America. That sea change, the waters of which we already feel swelling everywhere around us, can no sooner be stopped than can the moon passing across the night sky...
  9. ConureDelSol

    Baha'i vs Christianity Questions

    Hello again! I have been actively reading more about the Baha'i faith and I have attempted to search for answers to some of these questions. I couldn't find any clear answers and was hoping some of the knowledgeable people here could help clear up any confusion. Also, as a note, I do not...
  10. cire perdue

    Orthodox Christianity Forum Here is the link to Orthodox Christian Forum. It is in the same server (?) as Planet Baha'i. I briefly scanned "Orthodox and Sex" and found some really complex Dark Ages belief about the Fall of Adam and Eve that is beyond science and reason...
  11. N

    Christianity, Islam, and Baha'i Faith

    If I'm not mistaken, Christianity (the Bible) teaches that Jesus is God and that he died on a cross for the sins of mankind. Islam (the Qu'ran) teaches that Jesus is not God and that he did not die on a cross for the sins of mankind. According to the Baha'i Faith, what is the solution...
  12. S

    Atheist To Baha'i

    Hello Friends, I am new to the forums and I was wondering if there are any former atheists here who became Baha'i? And if so what is your story and reason for doing so?
  13. Y

    Shi'ite Islam and Catholic Christianity

    (I meant to put this in the INTERFAITH forum. If a moderator would be so kind as to move it there, I would be most pleased) "The Church's relationship with the Muslims: The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these...
  14. Y

    Buddhism - Common ground with Christianity and the Baha'i Faith

    In this thread I will be focusing on the compatibility of many Buddhist concepts with that of the beliefs my own faith, Christianity in a spirit of tolerance and love. Baha'is, may likewise, contribute to this thread by focusing likewise on the areas in which there is crossover between the...
  15. Y

    Unity in Diversity - Baha'i Faith and Christianity

    One of the greatest teachings of Baha'u'llah was the contribution to the world of the concept of 'Unity in Diversity': That all nations should become one in faith and all men as brothers; that the bonds of affection and unity between the sons of men should be strengthened; that diversity of...