1. tonyfish58

    How are you going?

    Hello all, are you happy, how are you going? We live in a time where we are told great mental tests will be part of life, we live in an era where the Old World Order is collapsing around us, all the while the New World. Order is being rolled out in its stead. It is not easy to find meaningful...
  2. camachoe

    In which terms can a legally married gay couple join the Bahai Community?

    Dear all One of my best friends... maybe the best one I have had over the last 20 years, is gay and legally married to his husband. (Same-sex marriage was approved in Mexico City since 2007) Both are extraordinary people, full of generosity, intelligence and spirit of service to everyone. I...
  3. Neal

    Phases of youth involvement with the Baha'i community

    I have decided to restructure the six paragraphs pertaining to youth from the December 29 message from the Universal House of Justice into a chronological list of phases of youth involvement within the Baha'i community and core activities. My goal is to provide Baha'i youth and Baha'i agencies...
  4. PlatinumHeart

    New Member To this Community and to the Baha'i Faith

    Hello everyone! My name is Lynn and I am from New York City. I recently was introduced to the Baha'i faith a month ago during my visit to Australia. There I met a lovely woman who spoke about the Baha'i and some of its principles and I was very interested in becoming part of the community...
  5. arthra

    New website for International Baha'i community

    Just thought I'd share that there is a new website for the Baha'i International community and I've shared this on a few interfaith forums the last few days... I think one of the best places to introduce people to the Faith is here... The Bahá It has a (1) general introduction of the Baha'i...
  6. jimhabegger

    Beneficial effects and influence of the Baha'i Community on society

    In another thread, SmilingSkeptic wrote: "But there are plenty of 'nones' like myself who don't need religion, and there are nearly a billion atheists, agnostics, and other nones all over the world (see books like Good Without God) with virtually no ill consequences. So, if these people are...
  7. D

    Dr. Joshua Lincoln appointed Secretary General of the Baha’i International Community

    "HAIFA, Israel — The Baha'i International Community is pleased to announce the appointment of Joshua Lincoln as its new Secretary-General, effective today. The Secretary-General is the senior officer acting on behalf of the Universal House of Justice, the world governing body of the Baha'i...
  8. D

    Secretary-General, Baha'i International Community, Dr. Albert Lincoln, steps down

    The Secretary-General of the Baha'i International Community, Dr. Albert Lincoln, steps down after nineteen years 30 September 2013 "HAIFA, Israel — The Baha'i International Community announces that its Secretary-General, Dr. Albert Lincoln, is stepping down today after nineteen years of service...
  9. N

    Financial fraud in the Baha'i community

    A Baha'i leader was arrested for stealing a large sum from the Baha'i fun (Baha'is are required by their own made laws to give money to the organization). Read the whole story here: Bahai Fraud « Bahai Fact
  10. M

    China Bahai Community

    Hi I have recently moved to Chengdu, China and was wondering if there is an active bahai community here? regards, Melissa
  11. jimhabegger

    Scouting ahead for the community

    Some of the work that the House of Justice promotes in its messages to Baha'is has its roots in initiatives of individuals and groups of individuals. I'm thinking of that now as scouting ahead for the community, into unknown territory. That might be something that all of us are called to do for...
  12. Mwana

    What is taking part in a Baha'i community like?

    Hello, I'm wondering what joining a Baha'i community is like in practice. I have been discovering the Faith for over a year now, gradually working my way to a prayer routine and reading scripture bit by bit and it has been a wonderful journey so far as I keep running into answers I was never...
  13. Khodrat

    Are there homeless Baha'is in your community?

    It saddens me to hear from my LSA, during these troubling times, that we have a homeless friend has the will to give more than they receive. I wanted to create this thread because recently in my community, a lady, who has been a Baha'i for more than 61 years, has recently lost her home and has...
  14. Sen McGlinn

    German court requires state recognition of Bahai community

    Tagesschau, November 28 ( Urteil: Bahá'í-Gemeinde kann öffentliche Körperschaft werden | ) The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has ruled that the Ministry of Religions in the State of Hesse, in central Germany, must recognise the Bahai community as a body corporate. ...
  15. T

    Joining the Baha'i community

    On November the 11th 2012 I officially signed a form to become part of the Baha'i community!
  16. N

    Financial Scandal Rocks Italian Baha’i Community

    I bet most of you never heard of this one Baha'is of Italy - Financial Scandal Rocks Italian Baha'i Community | Baha'i Rants
  17. C

    Are We a Community

    Indigent Baha'is generally do not have access to aid from the Baha'i community, just moral support. Yet most mainstream faiths--at least in their early years--were apparently 'socialist' in the sense of pooling and sharing community resources, and I surmise that such a practice helped to create...
  18. X

    Looking Closer at the Detrimental Impact of being a member of the Bahai Community

    This thread is based on a post I read in the thread on 'Are scholars and academicians as important as they used to be?' It was mentioned in that thread, the devastating impact of some 'learned' who did not have a pure heart on other believers. This strikes me as a very important topic in the...
  19. ahanu

    Baha'i community

    Do you live near a Baha'i community? I live in a rural area. There are no Baha'is here. Any other Baha'is here in a similar predicament?
  20. G

    tired of being separate from the community

    Hi everyone, My name is Galen Morris, and I was born and raised baha'i in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada. I drifted from the community in my late teens mostly because of a lack of youth in my home town. Ever since I moved away I have struggled to keep in touch with my fellow Baha'is, and so I mostly...