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    I have a question about getting your parents' consent to marry.

    Hello, everyone. I am not a Bahai. I have never been a member of any organized religion in my life, but I have been trying to learn about different religions for the past few years and recently have been investigating the Bahai Faith and reading a lot about it. I have lots of questions and I may...
  2. A

    marriage- parents' willing consent

    I belong to a wonderful bahai family with loving and caring parents. I am in love with a muslim boy since 12 yrs and he is extremely supportive of me following the bahai faith. we have been waiting to get married for all these years due to certain challenges we have been facing all the while...
  3. M

    consent for marriage-I can't have it! :(

    Hi everyone... I know you all know about the necessity of parents' consent on marriage and I know the law too and I have read the new UHJ (2010) but I still don't know what should I do in my case. I hope some one can help me. I live in a VERY religious country. I have recently changed my...
  4. R

    Consent for marriage -- How strict is it?

    So I get the point of this rule or law, if you will. But my situation leaves me extremely frustrated. My father has not spoken to me or seen me in 10+ years, and in fact tells lies about me under oath in Family Court all the time. He basically hates me for some unknown reason (likely to do with...
  5. Sen McGlinn

    When parental consent is not required

    The Universal House of Justice's 2010 letter clarifying when parental consent is not required for a Bahai marriage is now in my documents archive, here: ( The marriage law and parental consent, 2010 «                   Sen McGlinn's blog )
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    Age of consent.

    In countries without an age of consent.are Baha'is marrying at 15?!