1. joey473

    Was Jesus' death on the cross a sin offering or Not?

    What is the official Baha'i interpretation of Jesus' death on the cross? I was curious about Baha'is theology about this. Can someone please explain this to me:confused:
  2. M

    Symbol of the cross

    :hi:Dear friends:wave:, how you all doing.:thumbsup::) In one tablet of Abdul-baha, He says "meditate..........." Has anybody meditated and found a pearl?:beuj::idea: As for the symbol of the cross, appointed in former times: Know verily, that the cross form is a wonderful figure and consists...
  3. LordOfGoblins

    why did i not die on the fking cross...

    then i could have been at rest like the lord Jesus and my valley of love experience not proven to be false... as of the next few days i am no longer a bahai... good luck to you all...