1. R

    Dealing with gossip/backbiting

    Long time, no see. I wanted to get some anonymous advice because I'm afraid the people I'm speaking about could see me posting in the Baha'i FB group. This is a real life scenario about gossip and backbiting. I would like to get opinions from seasoned Baha'is on what we are to do in situations...
  2. Romane

    Dealing with crime

    Beloved friends 'Abdu'l-Baha, in speaking of dealing with crime and criminals, states: The progress to such a state where crime is prevented through education will take time and many steps - some small, some big. Today in the news, is an article of a trial which may possibly be seen as a...
  3. L

    Dealing with cynics

    Allah'u'Abha everyone! I'll start this thread off confessing that it is possible I am overreacting to a very simple situation, but here it is anyways. I was speaking with my friend, and somehow we got to discussing politics (not Democrat v Republican, but the flaws in the political systems in...