1. M

    new music!

    Hey Everyone! My name is MJ and I'm new to this forum. I'm a musician and I'm hoping to share my music with you, and hear from you about other baha'i musicians. I"m currently working on a new Devotional record called "If We Could Only Catch a Glimpse" and I'm very excited! Here's a teaser...
  2. dancho

    Attended a Baha'i devotional service

    I attended a devotional service today--my first visit to a Baha'i group other than this forum.:) It was very pleasant and I enjoyed it. I'll be going back. I'm told that most "church activities" in this area are in the homes of individuals. It was also explained that the Baha'i faith is not...
  3. Pollwr

    Virtually virtuous

    I have read about a virtual online church. People who are housebound or people who chose to can go there to worship. It suddenly struck me that, with so few Bahá'í temples in the world and as someone who would love to visit one, hasn't yet, and would have to do a major long-hall flight or two...