1. Y

    Did bahaullahs revelation effect dead souls in the after life?

    The quran when talking to the followers of mohammad states several times the believers will be re compensated fully on the day of resurrection now bahaullah states the day of resserction is the coming of him but by this time the followers of the early days of mohammad have died 1400 years...
  2. Neal

    Is this rule still in effect?

    Greetings, I am using Lights of Guidance to prepare study material for some friends. I wish to know if this rule is still in effect: I know Lights of Guidance was compiled decades ago. Please let me know if you know this rule has changed. Thank you!
  3. S

    Do prayers have any effect on Gods will ?

    Do you think that prayers will change God's will ? I mean in most books it states that does what He willeth , so why do we pray for assistance and healing ? Anyone I talk to tells me we pray to get closer to God, but if that's the only case why are there prayers for aid, even when we talk to...
  4. Rani

    Reasons why a chaste and holy life has a salutary effect on one's character.

    Dear Friends, I wondered if people could put forward their suggestions as to the spiritual reasons why chastity, and living a chaste and holy life is highly important and why it has a salutary effect on one's character. We could also list reasons why not living a chaste life retards a person's...