1. M

    Disobeying God's Teaching On Gender Equality.

    "The equality of men and women is a fundamental principle, women are not inferior to men, and should not be subordinate to men in aspects of social life. Women have always been equal to men, and the reason why women have so far not achieved this equality is due to the lack of adequate...
  2. Romane

    Equality of Women

    Good morning all my dear friends The world is catching up with the Teachings of Baha'u'llah about the station and position with equality of women in society, and how an all-male environment is not healthy. This very interesting article in the ABC News this morning: Corporate gender equality...
  3. N

    Baha'is dont have equality of sexes

    I just learned that women are not allowed in the supreme leadership of Baha'i faith??????? After all that talk about equality between men and women, now this???? are you serious?
  4. cire perdue

    Equality of Men and Women

    This is a link to a 10 minute interview with Bahiyyih Nakhjavanni which though on Tahirih gives an interesting view on the teaching of the equality of men and women. She thinks it will take a long time for it to be truly comprehended. Entrevista a Bahiyyih Nakhjavani - 1 Translation(s) | dotSUB
  5. L

    God and equality with prophet

    In Baha'i scripture, it states our goal is to attain the presence of God. In the Bible it calls us to recognize that we are all Gods. I see these two statements as similar thoughts, but what do they mean? We know that a Manifestation perfectly reflects the virtues of God. Could this be the...
  6. X

    Equality in the Bahai Community

    It is well known that Bahai's promote equality of men and women in all aspects of life except membership on the Universal House of Justice. And so I am curious what women think of the current state of sexual equality in the community. I am not referring to the technicality that women and men...
  7. arthra

    Baha'u'llah on equality of men and women

    A good friend of mine asked me this morning if I knew of any quotes directly from Baha'u'llah on the equality of men and women so here is a my response to my friend: I didn't expect to find anything this soon but did run across an important quotes attributed to Baha'u'llah Himself regarding the...