1. Walrus

    The Problem of Evil

    The Problem of Evil is the theological problem that is built on the following axioms: If a being is Benevolent, they will try to end Evil in the world. If a being is Omnipotent, they can do anything. If a being is Omniscient, they know how to do anything Evil exists in the world The PoE...
  2. camachoe

    Will there more opportunities for evil people after this life?

    Hi friends Considering the Bahai doctrine on the immortality of human soul, I would like to know what is the Bahai stance on the fate of people who in this life show a systematic, deliberate rejection of all that is good and divine. Will their souls find successive chances for repentance after...
  3. J

    The Paradox of Evil

    I've had many discussions with a family member who held a belief in a literal Devil; one who is busy spreading 'evil'. He now is inclined more towards the Baha'i view. This article by Christopher Buck explores the subject further: The True Prophet … alone can enlighten the souls of human...
  4. ahanu

    Abdu'l-Baha, Leibniz, and Critics on the Problem of Evil

    I'm still studying Some Answered Questions: A Philosophical Perspective. If you are interested, search for the title online for a free PDF file. Abdu'l-Baha said: the universe has no imperfection, so that if all beings became pure intelligence and reflected forever and ever, it is impossible...
  5. Sarastro

    The origin of evil - Theodicy

    One of the big questions of this world is the one about the origin of evil. It's clear that many people suffer in this life. Some by internal causes like disease, disorder or other problems. Some by external causes like natural disasters, war of the cruelty of their fellow humans. For many the...
  6. M

    Does evil exist? Does cold exist?

    The idea for this post was inspired by Dale Lehman's online review of Gary Matthews book "The Metropolis of Satan". We now know through science that cold is simply the absence of heat, that is, that the individual atoms and molecules do not have kinetic energy. But that does not mean cold does...
  7. S

    Demons and the Anti-Christ

    I invite Baha'is to elaborate and discuss their belief that demons and the Anti-Christ are not literal beings. Act 16:16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: Act 16:17 The...
  8. BuddhistSeeker

    The problem of evil?

    What do Baha'i's teach on why there is evil in the world? Even though God is a personal, caring one? Is it because of sin? Is evil an illusion? Is life a test?
  9. Fadl

    Can we end evil?

    I watched this episode of Through the Wormhole called "Can we end evil?" on YouTube and thought all of you might be interested! :cool: I think the Baha'is will not be surprised by anything in it, but it is the science behind what our faith has largely already taught us. Through the Wormhole...
  10. S

    Evil and The Devil

    Hello to all again, I just have a quick question: Do Baha'i's believe in The Devil or something similar? If so, in what context do you believe in him?