1. tonyfish58

    How are you going?

    Hello all, are you happy, how are you going? We live in a time where we are told great mental tests will be part of life, we live in an era where the Old World Order is collapsing around us, all the while the New World. Order is being rolled out in its stead. It is not easy to find meaningful...
  2. M

    New to the faith but believed all life, Greetings from sweden

    Hi all bahai . Thanks for letting me be a part of this forum. Im New to bahai but the more i learn the more i realize that this is exactly how i seen things And what i believed in my entire life , ive belived in the bahai faith even before ive heard about it, Are there any other members who...
  3. Luqman

    the light of faith and the wisdom of humility

    Hashim Khan was a Babi caravan driver. A certain person of wealth and knowledge employed him to transport him and his family from Kashan to the pilgrimage places of Najaf and Karbila. The man was reluctant to hire Hashim Khan because of his Babi faith, but in the end he felt that he had to hire...
  4. T

    Is the Bahai Faith the first religion meant for the whole of humanity?

    I have been learning about the Bahai Faith and have read that humanity is like a student and religions are like different grades in school and as the student (humanity) matures we are ready for new rules and teachings. Does that mean that every previous religion was meant for everyone? I can't...
  5. jupitermadcat

    History of the Faith

    Hello all, I have a question regarding the history of the faith. How far back does it go back. Did it start in 1844, 1822 or before, that would make it less that 200 years old? Please clarify. Thank you.
  6. W

    mental health in the bahai faith

    Any prayers that will help me overcome my depression and anxiety? I'm having anxiety about the future and where my degree will land me. I feel like I've made a massive mistake by not doing what I love and now there's no way to undo it.
  7. jupitermadcat

    The Baha'i Faith and Alcohol Consumption

    Hello Everyone, I know i have heard the Faith forbids The consumption of alcohol. my question is this rule a convent breaker type of rule? or use your own discretion. reason i ask is i have seen certain celebrity baha'is Eva LaRue for one who partakes in Alcohol drinks time to time i assume...
  8. S

    Textual Authority Within The Faith

    Greetings friends, I'm sorry if I'm opening a huge can of worms here which was already partially discussed in a previous thread asking the authority of the UHJ and the Guardian. During a gathering last night in celebration of the Declaration of the Bab, someone had mentioned that the Universal...
  9. K

    Who wants to become a guest DJ on a Baha'i Radio?

    Hello all! My favorite Baha'i radiostation MyStar95 offers its listeners to become a guest DJ for 2 hours on a Friday night. Use this great opportunity to share the music you like and impress your friends. I've already filled out the form on their website, where I've picked 10 songs that I...
  10. A

    Bahai Faith according to sufi's

    Hi, I want to share that I have read some books of sufis's from 19th and 20th century who have mystical experiences, and they described life after death places, lohe mahfooz, sidra tul manta where all creatures pray etc. and meet with Hazart Muhammad and prophets of old, but they said that...
  11. B

    Catholic Interested in the Faith

    Hello everyone. My wife and I are baptized, practicing Catholics. A few months ago, I read The Seven Valleys. It contains the finest, most beautiful meditations on God that I have ever read. That lead me to The Hidden Words. I am currently reading Gleanings from the Writings of...
  12. K

    Is there any mention of haroof e abjad in bahai faith ?

    Hi, Is there any mention of haroof e abjad in bahai faith? details etc? thx
  13. F

    Is the Bahai faith just another sect of Islam?

  14. F

    How does one actually practice the Bahai faith?

    I'm not sure where to even begin.
  15. ExaltedOne

    What makes the Bahá'í Faith true?

    Hello everybody, I am new to the forums, and a fellow human who also happens to be a devout Christian. Upon my investigation of many faiths, I have determined that Christianity is true. Now, I ask you my friends, why do you believe the Bahá'í Faith is true, and why should I too? There were many...
  16. M

    (Women) and Modesty in Bahai Faith

    Dear community, I am Martin from Germany. I am not a Bahai, but I am interested in this religion. What I generally like about religions is the code of modesty like it exists in Christianity regarding nuns or in Islam when it comes to cover some parts of the body. I see the concept of modesty...
  17. Babism

    Most Holy Book of Nazarethan Bahai Faith

    Most Holy Book of Nazarethan Baha'i Faith On Facebook -!/groups/1122856174464869?view=permalink&id=1542035372546945&ref=bookmarks Title of Book "Diary of Paweł Szul read it...
  18. T

    Why hasn’t everyone in the world heard about the Baha’i Faith?

    Why hasn’t everyone in the world heard about the Baha’i Faith? More specifically, why are there so many people in the United States that have not even heard of the Baha’i Faith? I have been encountering this frequently on forums, and I also encounter it in my day to day life. For example, on...
  19. A

    gay married couple interested in Baha'i Faith

    I need to know this: A legally married gay couple is interested in becoming a Baha'i. Would they have to split up and get a divorce?